Travel During Easter Break

The following message was sent to UP students on March 19, 2021.

Dear UP Students and Family Members,

This semester of living and studying on campus has seen wonderful success even as certain new practices and policies were put in place.  I’m so grateful to our students for accomplishing such a low COVID-19 positivity rate among us. I know this has required sacrifices and attentiveness in our behaviors and interactions. Where other higher education institutions have struggled, we seem to have done very well. My gratitude is to you all.

With about six weeks left of our semester and Easter break coming in a couple of weeks, I would ask that you remain on campus and to not travel home or other places for the holiday.  I understand this is a sacrifice. I would always want our families and holidays to be special, but physical presence this year carries certain risks.   Please remember it is still possible for you to bring the coronavirus home and unknowingly infect a loved one. It is also possible to bring the virus back to campus or to those you are living with such as roommates and housemates, even without any symptoms.  Our policy requires that students who travel will have to quarantine up to 14 days upon their return and monitor their symptoms. This means that for most of you, attendance at your in-person classes will be impossible and it may be difficult for you to fulfill other academic requirements needed to complete this semester. Additionally, quarantine time would also negatively impact your social engagement on campus.

At the beginning of this semester, you committed yourself to the Pilots Pledge and the Coronavirus Travel Policy.   Please review them again. Together with our student affairs staff, we will do our best to celebrate Easter on campus with great hope and joy.

Thank you and God bless.

Fr. John Donato, CSC
Vice President, Student Affairs