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UP has made vaccines and proof of vaccinations a requirement for returning to campus for students, faculty and staff.  Why is this the case when the FDA has not granted final approval for the vaccines that are in use?

The FDA applied rigorous scientific standards and regulatory oversight in granting emergency usage authorizations for the available vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  UP is trusting the science and the effectiveness of those vaccines in providing a campus environment where the health and safety of students, faculty and staff are our top priority.  

When and how should proof of vaccinations be submitted to UP?

Proof of vaccination for faculty and staff must be submitted by August 2. To report your vaccination status, take a picture or scan your vaccination card and click on the appropriate link for upload instructions.  Faculty and staff can report their vaccination status here.  More information about the UP vaccine policy is available here.

Will exemptions to the vaccination policy be allowed?

Exemptions may be applied for based on medical or religious reasons.  Those applications will be reviewed and addressed on a case-by-case basis by UP Human Resources (for faculty and staff).  Applications for exemptions can be found here

Why is a return to campus so important at this time?

The key to our Catholic Holy Cross mission and UP experience rests in direct engagement with one another as a collegiate community.  The talents of our faculty; strength of curriculum; sharing new learning experiences with classmates and friends; finding support and creativity as we work together as colleagues; and the striking beauty of our campus are collectively most powerful when enjoyed first-hand and in-person. 

How different will daily operations be when campus reopens?

As long as COVID-19 infection poses a threat, the UP community will exercise all necessary precautions and preventative measures, including recommendations from the Governor’s office and federal guidance from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

What will be expected of faculty and staff regarding daily and weekly on-campus work hours after having worked remotely almost exclusively since March 2020?

Returning to full in-person work and activities will be the norm for the vast majority of our employees.  Each employee or faculty member should speak with their immediate supervisor or department chair  about expected work schedules as well as any special workspace configuration needs.  This should be a collaborative conversation around mutually-positive outcomes.   Any consideration of a “hybrid” arrangement to include a mix of on-campus and remote work must be agreed upon in advance and based on the needs of the school, college, department or division.  For example, a 20% or one-day per week remote work schedule can be arranged, if necessary, with a supervisor.  However, any remote work arrangements involving multiple days will require approval from the appropriate President’s Leadership Cabinet member.  Further guidance on remote-work policy is provided by the University.   

If personal circumstances at home are making a return to work on campus challenging, how should a faculty or staff member address these issues?

Personal circumstances or unique situations further underscore the importance of an honest, collaborative conversation with your immediate supervisor or department chair about possible options to consider.

Coming back to campus and to our workspaces might be unsettling for some of us.  Many faculty and staff members have spent little time – if any – on campus since the pandemic changed our operations.  How should we prepare for this transition? 

We realize the pandemic forced us to restructure our personal and professional lives.  No one was spared the difficulty of those decisions.  A brief period of transition may be needed for a gradual return to work on campus.  We encourage you to find time to visit campus and your office areas ahead of formally reporting for work to review your workspace, computers, supplies and other equipment, and let supervisors know their status and any concerns.  Staff from IT Support and the Physical Plant will be ready to assist with reactivating offices, cubicles and work areas for a smooth return to work routines.

Will vaccines be available on campus and what is the plan for ongoing testing?

Vaccines are available from a variety of locations near the UP campus.  Information about those locations will be posted online and available through the Health and Counseling Center website.  Faculty and staff members exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should self-quarantine and contact their healthcare provider to schedule a test as soon as possible.  They should also alert Human Resources about their COVID-19 symptoms for further instructions and, if needed, to initiate contact tracing.  Students with COVID-19 symptoms should contact the Health and Counseling Center to arrange for testing and, if needed, guidance to quarantine/isolation resources.

Are we allowed to ask colleagues about their vaccination status?

Just as with other personal medical information, it is a violation for faculty and staff members to ask colleagues if they’ve been vaccinated.  However, employees  may voluntarily share their vaccination status at their own discretion.  

How will we know that UP campus is safe enough to relax certain COVID-19 safety precautions and requirements?

A critical step toward the relaxing of safety requirements will be an accurate and honest reporting of the vaccination status of UP faculty, staff and students.  By reaching a vaccination threshold on campus that concurs with state guidelines, we’ll eliminate the need for such measures as the wearing of masks inside buildings for those who are vaccinated.  We plan to report weekly online the status of our vaccination reporting.

Will the Campus Clear mobile app still be used as means of tracking and reporting COVID-19 symptoms among faculty, staff and students?

Yes.  But when UP reaches a vaccination threshold on campus that concurs with state guidelines, we will discontinue use of the Campus Clear mobile app.

What happens if cases of COVID-19 infections begin to rise on campus?

We will monitor the number the positive cases that surface on the UP campus and work with local health authorities on any necessary action.  It is our expectation that the requirement of vaccinations; responsible behavior by faculty, staff and students; and our precautionary measures will minimize the possibility of COVID-19 spreading on campus.

How often will restrooms be cleaned and sanitized, and what about common areas such as break rooms where microwaves, sinks and refrigerators might be located?

Physical Plant and custodial staffs will continue a high level of overnight cleaning and disinfecting of work and social areas.  Hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, masks and disposable gloves continue to be available at various locations throughout campus buildings.  Faculty and staff are also encouraged to exercise their own preferences to clean and sanitize personal workspaces as they wish.

What is the plan for residence hall move-ins at the start of the fall term?

Residence Life and Student Affairs will provide all necessary scheduling information for residence hall move-in; and guidance from Printing & Mailing Services on the pick-up of any personal items that were shipped to campus.

Will there be any capacity limits in office areas or campus buildings?

Any enforcement of capacity limits will be in accordance with guidelines from the Governor’s office or federal instruction from the CDC.  As Oregon communities draw closer to vaccination thresholds set by health authorities, it is anticipated that many safety guidelines will be further relaxed, including any applicable building capacity numbers.  Any guidelines from UP Athletics around crowd sizes at games will be announced at a later date. 

Will visitors and vendors that come to campus be required to be vaccinated?

Though we will make every effort to inform visitors and vendors to campus of our vaccination policy, we must also rely on the honor system when it comes to policy adherence of those visiting campus temporarily.  For safety’s sake and based on current state health guidelines, we will urge visitors to wear masks while inside campus buildings.       

Throughout the pandemic, UP has kept faculty, staff, students and parents informed of the latest information about COVID-19 and its impact on campus life.  Will this continue during the 2021-22 academic year?

Yes, our COVID-19 Steering Committee will continue to share information and guide activities utilizing our Pilots Prevent website, social media, newsletters and direct communications to help keep our UP community informed, safe and healthy.

If we still have questions or concerns, how should we raise them?

To ask additional questions or express ongoing concerns, students may do so via e-mail at  Faculty and staff questions or concerns should sent to Human Resources at