Faculty and Staff FAQs

Where can I find help sheets?

For more information, please see the Knowledge Base Articles:

How to Install CampusClear
How to use CampusClear

What if I forget to complete the COVID-19 symptom check at home before coming to campus?

Please complete the COVID-19 symptom check upon arrival to campus for work or as soon as you remember.

What should I do if I do not have a thermometer at home to check my temperature?

University of Portland has a limited number of thermometers available to give you one. Please contact Physical Plant physicalplant@up.edu if needed.

Do I have to complete the COVID-19 symptom check if I am not coming to campus?

The University is asking you to complete the symptom checker for days you are coming to campus. You are not required to use the symptom checker on days you will not be on campus. The symptom checker is available to you any day if you wish to use it on days you are not coming to campus. 

Who do I contact if I am not well or start to develop COVID-19 symptoms?

Please stay home or leave campus as soon as you are unwell. Contact Human Resources at 503.943.8484 or hr@up.edu.

Is this mandatory and what happens if I am not compliant?

It is the expectation of everyone coming to the University of Portland campus to complete this COVID-19 symptom check. COVID-19 is a serious virus with its ability to spread to others. Even if you feel well you are still expected to take your temperature and complete the symptom checker every day you will be on campus. While you may not feel sick, you could spread the virus to your coworkers and their loved ones. Please help keep everyone safe as possible and stop the spread as quickly as we can!

Privacy issues: How is my information stored?

#CampusClear does not collect your data. Please see their privacy statement.

You may delete your previous submissions at any time. UP may elect to have very limited persons look at submitted data (as approved by a Vice President). If UP uses this feature later, it would only be for reaching out to an employee who was not cleared to come to campus to provide support and information about work and to ask about close contact with another UP employee (limited work related contact tracing).

What to do if I don’t have an internet connection or a smart phone?

If you do not have internet at home or a smart phone that allows apps, you can use paper copies of the COVID-19 symptom check. You do not need to turn this page in to anyone.   

How will it work if I have to stay home?

If you need to stay home due to COVID symptoms or pending/positive test results for yourself or a person with whom you have been in close contact, please contact Human Resources at 503.943.8484 or hr@up.edu as soon as possible. Someone from HR will contact you about your situation and next steps. Employees will not be asked to use their personal sick time for COVID related illnesses or while awaiting a COVID test result. HR will work with you and Payroll to pay you with University COVID sick time. We will likely require you to show HR documentation from a health care provider (for example a doctor, nurse, RN, public health department employee) to verify the length of time you should be home and not be on campus to work.

How do I know when I can return to work?

In most cases, your return to work date will be determined by the health care provider. Human Resources will work with you to let you know when you may return to work and communicate with your supervisor on your behalf. HR will need to give you clearance to return to work.

Can I work from home if I am unable to come to campus for work?

If you are not cleared to come to campus, but have been authorized to work from home, you may be allowed to work from home. Human Resources, in conjunction with your supervisor, will help determine this on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I find more information?

UP information can be found on Pilots Prevent.
For more information about COVID-19, please see the CDC website.