Faculty and Staff

As part of our campus’ comprehensive strategy for controlling the spread of COVID-19, UP is deploying #CampusClear, a tool to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and to tell you if you are cleared to come to campus for work.

All faculty and staff are required to use #CampusClear before coming to campus.

  • If you come to campus daily, you will need to screen for COVID-19 symptoms each day.
  • If you come to campus occasionally, you will need to screen for COVID-19 symptoms only on the day(s) you plan to come to campus and before coming to your work area.
  • If you exclusively telework, you are not required to screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

For hourly employees, completing the COVID-19 symptom check will be part of your paid work schedule for up to 15 minutes before you start working. See additional information in the FAQs.

Smart Phone/Computer or Tablet Users

The tool we will be using is called #CampusClear. If you have a smart phone, computer or tablet, you will need to either:

1. Download the app to your phone.

CampusClear for Android
CampusClear for iOS

Be sure to enable the notifications from the app. There will only be 1 reminder notification each day. Once you complete the COVID-19 symptom check, you will not be prompted again to do so until the next day.

2. Or register with the web version to use a computer for the COVID-19 symptom check.

CampusClear Web Application

Both the app version and the web application require verification through your UP email. Once set up, checking for symptoms takes just a few minutes. You will receive a daily reminder to complete this task, regardless if you are coming to campus. Please complete it even if you have no symptoms.

Paper Version

If you do not have a smart phone or a computer/tablet, please talk to your supervisor printing a copy of the COVID-19 symptom check paper version for use before coming to campus for work. Supervisors, please contact ehs@up.edu to get a paper version. 

Continued Directives

All previous on-campus directives are still expected of all employees, including:

  • face mask policy
  • expectation of physical distancing, and
  • working from home where operationally possible.