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Self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms will help us stay safe and healthy. For those who are living locally, this will be crucial to our success this semester. By this daily practice, we help our fellow students, friends, and loved ones. #CampusClear provides a tool for daily self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms.

Students living on and near campus are required to download the #CampusClear app and complete daily COVID-19 symptom checking. Students living at home are also encouraged to download the #CampusClear app and use it daily. This is an easy way to protect yourself and anyone you live and/or interact with. 

The CampusClear app is for screening purposes only. Information on this app is deidentified and is not reviewed by a health care provider. Students should contact the University’s Health & Counseling Center or their primary care provider if they are concerned about their symptoms.

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