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Report Positive COVID-19 Test

  • Are you experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms?
  • Do you suspect you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19?
  • Have you received a positive COVID-19 test result?

Click the appropriate link to report.


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Fall 2021: COVID-19 Prevention Vaccination Dashboard

  • Employees and Students can be compliant with the vaccine policy by providing proof of vaccination or an approved exemption. The numbers included here represent the vaccine records and exemptions that have been processed as of publication. The data is updated weekly on Wednesdays and is subject to change.

  • Employee population includes Full-time Faculty and Full-time Staff; Student population includes registered Undergraduate Students.

Vaccination Dashboard

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Fall 2021 COVID Positive Case Dashboard

  • The number of COVID-19 positive cases reported in the bar graph include all positive cases reported to University of Portland for members who are present on campus in some capacity.  Students and employees are instructed to report all positive cases to the University; reporting is limited to cases reported. 

COVID Positive Case Dashboard