Pilots Prevent Pledge for Students

Spring Semester 2021 

Being a University of Portland Pilot means being a person who responds to the needs of the world and its human family.

I acknowledge my responsibility to lessen the spread of COVID-19 at University of Portland. I agree to take an active role in protecting myself and others on- and off-campus. 

In addition to any expectations outlined in Life on the Bluff, the 2020-21 Residence Hall & Food Service Contract, the COVID-19 Addendum to 2020-21 University of Portland Residence Hall & Food Service Contract, or additional Policies agreed to as a participant of an UP-affiliated group, I agree to follow the guidelines listed here: 

Protecting Myself

  • I will stay home if I am sick.
  • I will adhere to University policies and expectations regarding testing, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation.
  • I will monitor myself for symptoms of Coronavirus and use the university’s reporting apps to note any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • I will wash my hands frequently and take steps to reduce the spread of disease.
  • I will abide by posted signage on campus.
  • I will not attend parties, social gatherings, or events that violate state, county, or university expectations on- or off-campus

Protecting Others

  • I will not socialize in groups without proper social distancing.
  • I will follow the face mask policy by wearing a face covering where it is required indoors and outside when the appropriate distance cannot be maintained.
  • I will physically distance myself from others when possible (6 feet apart).
  • I will actively participate as a community member by encouraging others to practice safe behaviors.
  • I will keep the medical information of others private and refrain from stigmatizing those who may be ill.
  • I will not host parties, social gatherings, or events that violate state, county, or university expectations on- or off-campus.

Protecting the Greater Portland Community

  • I will follow Multnomah County and State of Oregon COVID-19 guidelines.
  • I will remain in the Portland area for the whole semester, reduce travel during the semester, and agree to quarantine upon return if traveling outside the approved area. See COVID-19 Travel Policy.

I understand these expectations exist to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and promote the best possible experience, academically, spiritually, and socially. If I do not follow these guidelines, I realize my behavior may result in disciplinary action through the University Student Conduct process, termination of my housing contract, and/or immediate restriction of on-campus, in-person privileges. 

I will hold myself to these expectations, and I will encourage my peers to also be accountable. I will graciously receive the reminders from others when I have knowingly or unknowingly violated one of these protocols and, as an active participant of this community, I will remind others when they make choices inconsistent with this pledge that jeopardizes the health and safety of others." 

I have read this pledge, understand it, and I agree to abide by its tenets and the spirit of mutual health.

Please continue to follow the Pilots Prevent website for the latest updates and e-mail pilotsprevent@up.edu if you have any questions on specific protocols.