Campus Access for Off-Campus Students

An off-campus resident student needing on-campus access for an extended period of time may request it by completing the steps below. This is necessary to attend an in person class, clinical, lab, etc. Other examples are to study in the library, attend an on-campus program or event, use the Beauchamp Center, or eat in the Commons*.
*The Commons does not currently offer in-person dining due to local regulations.


  1. Sign the Pilots Prevent Pledge. Then, within (7) business days you will receive an email invitation from Carbon Health, the third-party vendor administering our COVID-19 screening and testing plan.
    1. Register for the program on a web browser using your email address.
    2. Registration will include creating an account, signing the COVID-19 release waiver and completing a Coronavirus assessment.
    3. Note: Entering your insurance information is optional and testing costs will be covered by University of Portland. Be sure to click on “Enter Details Manually.”

  2. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Carbon Health app.

The app will be your primary mode of communication with Carbon Health for symptom screening, scheduling COVID-19 tests, and seeing your results. You must participate in regular COVID-19 testing and daily symptom screening in order to maintain your campus access. If you contract COVID-19, you will also use the app to schedule a telemedicine visit with a Carbon Health medical provider. For technical support for the application, please contact