Residence Hall Policies

Student Room Usage

  • Students are encouraged to use the residence hall lounges and study spaces for socializing, group study, etc. These spaces are already reconfigured to support social distancing. Social distancing cannot always be guaranteed when hosting or inviting others into one’s private room 

Residence Hall Access

  • A student must reside in a particular residence hall in order to have access to that hall. To decrease exposure risk, students cannot access residence halls that they do not live in. 

Residence Hall Guests

  • All residence halls are closed to outside guests. This is in place to decrease exposure risk. 

Face Masks

  • See the University’s policy on face coverings
  • A student must wear their face mask while inside their residence hall unless they are in their room, alone or with their roommate only, with the door closed. 


  • Resident students are asked to avoid all nonessential travel.
  • Students must meet with their Hall Director about any travel needs. If the Hall Director determines the travel is essential then they will permit it and arrange for the student to complete a travel-related quarantine upon their return.