Student COVID Case Management & Support

Student identifies having…

COVID-related symptoms, exposure risk, or diagnosis

Medical Assessment

Medical provider-Health & Counseling Center (HCC) or off-campus Primary Care Provider (PCP)-advises on quarantine, isolation, and care recommendations and documents the medical record.

COVID Report Completed

HCC or UP personnel submit COVID report and is sent to the COVID Case Management Team (CCMT)

CCMT Reviews + Develops Support Plan

CCMT reviews submitted report and develops appropriate plan. Campus Service Coordinator organizes communication and resources with campus partners.

Student Outreach

CCMT designates a support person for the student. Support person contacts student to offer support, share resources, and review quarantine/isolation instructions.

While Student is in Quarantine/Isolation

  • HCC/PCP monitors student’s symptoms
  • Support person continues to connect with student.
  • CCMT continues to manage plan and support team.
  • Campus Services Coordinator continues to manage resources

Student Cleared

Once student is cleared by the HCC or off-campus provider…

  • Student in quarantine resumes normal living.
  • Student in isolation is returned to home residence hall on medical guidance.

Final Check In

Support person checks in with student and, if appropriate, makes recommendation to CCMT.

CCMT Reviews + Final Guidance

CCMT reviews recommendation and determines final guidance for student.