Public health data support the fact that COVID-19 vaccine boosters help to prevent infection and, for those who do become infected, boosters decrease the severity of illness. Thus, all students, staff, and faculty will be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster within two weeks of becoming eligible to receive the booster and to upload proof thereof. We anticipate that all community members will be able to comply with this requirement by February 1.

Please use the respective links below to upload proof of your vaccination.


Students, please log-in to the Health and Counseling Center secure patient portal to upload your proof of vaccination or booster.

Instructions for students to upload their COVID vaccine card:

  1. Login to the secure patient portal on the Health and Counseling Center website.
  2. Go to Medical Clearances.
  3. Find Immunization Records and click the teal Update button.
  4. Upload image of your COVID vaccination card.

For more information about requesting an exemption please click here.

Staff and Faculty

Upload proof of your booster shot at this link

For information on requesting an exemption please check PilotsUP.