Student Process for COVID Vaccine Compliance

If Vaccinated:

  1. A photograph of the card detailing your COVID-19 vaccine doses will need to be uploaded to the Point N Click Student Health Portal

  2. The student must enter the manufacturer of the vaccine accurately, input the administration dates, and also upload a copy of their vaccination record.  Otherwise the student chart will not be updated properly.

  3. Vaccine doses will be reviewed by Health and Counseling Center (HCC) staff and student status will be updated to “Compliant”

If Requesting an Exemption:

Step One:  Student completes the exemption form and process.

  • Medical exemptions require documentation from student’s healthcare provider detailing the reason for accommodation.
  • Non-medical (e.g., religious) exemptions require a completed form detailing the circumstances of the exemption as well as an attestation from a healthcare provider that the student has received education regarding the risks and benefits of the vaccine.

Step Two: Student uploads the completed exemption form to the Point N Click Student Health Portal.

Step Three: Exemption requests will be reviewed by HCC staff.

  • Once reviewed by the HCC, student will receive a link to complete a Vaccine Education module.

Step Four: Student will complete another form stating that they have completed the module. The second form will be sent to the HCC for review. 

Step Five: HCC will enter the official exemption in student’s chart and student status will be updated to “Compliant”. 

  •  Exemptions will expire at the end of the academic year.

Why does a healthcare provider need to sign off on non-medical (e.g., religious) exemptions?

The purpose of the involvement of a healthcare provider in non-medical exemptions is to ensure that a student is aware of the risks and benefits of vaccination including how vaccination can impact not only their personal health and safety, but the health of the greater community. The student should also receive counseling on how to stay safe on campus if unable to be vaccinated. A healthcare provider is best equipped to have this conversation with a student.