Photo of the Fremont Bridge looking toward Overlook neighborhood.

Overlook provides views of bridges and downtown

How to get there: Overlook neighborhood can be reached by bus, by bike or by MAX Light Rail. Us this map to help you find your way around Overlook. From Overlook, catch the MAX Yellow Line to link up with other rail lines and explore Portland.

What you'll find: Overlook is bordered by Interstate Avenue, once the main road linking Vancouver, WA with Portland. As a remnant of that time, there are many restaurants, bars and motels that still flash retro neon signs. Overlook Park on Interstate offers spectacular views of downtown Portland. There are lots of dining options near Interstate Avenue including The Overlook Family Restaurant, and Fire on the Mountain, while near Greeley Avenue, you'll find Mio Sushi and La Bonita. Local artists display their works, or you might catch a theatrical production at The Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center


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