Photo of an empty swing-set seat in the park.

Portsmouth neighborhood includes several parks

How to get there: the Portsmouth neighborhood is an easy walk or bike ride from UP, or you can hop on a TriMet bus. Use this map to plan your route.

What you'll find: Portsmouth can boast of several parks, but the jewel is Columbia Park, which includes the Park Annex across Lombard Street. Columbia Park is nestled under a canopy of tall fir trees and offers baseball diamonds, picnic tables, tennis courts, and an indoor swimming pool. Dining options include The Eastside Delicatessen, Cha-Cha-Cha, or relax over coffee at the Portsmouth Pantry. You can pop some tags and find discount treasures at the Goodwill store. And many a UP student has imbibed in a T-burger and a brew at the Twilight Room.


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