Presidential Advisory Committees 2020-2021

*Indicates Academic Senate representative

Committee on Athletic Affairs

Gary Malecha, political science — chair
Eric Anctil, education
Jason Brough, athletics
Bill Curtis, political science
Tim Doughty, engineering
Jon Down, business
Hillary Gaudio, education
Montana Hisel Cochran, business
Anna Lageson-Kerns, marketing & communications
Scott Leykam, athletics
Roberta Lindahl, registrar
Elizabeth Morton, chemistry
Karen Peters, athletics
Mark Pitzer, psychological sciences
*Kristin Sweeney, environmental science
Janet Turner, financial aid
Student: Audrey Shellum

Committee on Budgets

Lindsey Benes, nursing — co-chair
Jason Brough, athletics — co-chair
Amy Eaton, development
Rev. Jim Gallagher, C.S.C., campus ministry
*Nicole Ralston, education
Zachary Simmons,psychological sciences
Eric Barger, financial affairs — ex officio
Robin Michell, financial affairs — ex officio

Committee on Health and Safety

Sarah Schmits, human resources — chair
Ellyn Arwood, education
*Janet Banks, nursing
Courtney Campbell, Shepard Academic Resource Center
Carol Dell’Oliver, health center
Rachel Hutcheson, chemistry
Heidi Keller, controller
Ryan Kenton, biology
Michael Kranyak, campus safety
Susan Lair, chemistry
Sarah Meiser, human resources
September Nelson, nursing
Hans Nordstrom, mathematics
Peter Osterberg, engineering
Gregory Pulver, performing & fine arts
Edward Valente, chemistry
Erin Zarafshan, financial affairs
Student: Abigail Meyer

Committee on Inclusion

Eddie Contreras, international education, diversity, and inclusion — chair
Simon Aihiokhai, theology
*Lauren Alfrey, sociology and social work
Cassy Esparza, admissions
Yuri Hernández Osorio, student activities
Randy Hetherington, education
Beatrix Itzel Cruz Megchun, business
Christina Luna, physical plant
Jeffrey Meiser, political science
Sal Orara, engineering
Anne Santiago, political science
Sarina Saturn, psychological sciences
Student: Grace Adam

Committee on Information Technology

Rev. Dan Parrish, C.S.C., business— chair
Regina Galbick, information services
Chris Lee, mathematics
Stephanie Michel, library
Gary Mitchell, business
Curt Pederson, information services
Giannina Reyes-Giardiello, international languages and cultures
*Max Schlosshauer, physics
Zach Simmons, psychological sciences
David Turnbloom, theology
Amber Vermeesch, nursing
Student: Samuel Lemly

Committee on Student Media

Scott Leykam, athletics — chair
Brian Adams, engineering
*Alexa Dare, communication studies
David De Lyser, performing & fine arts
Mehmet Inan, engineering
Jeromy Koffler, student activities —  ex officio
Michael Lewellen, marketing & communications
Debra Stephens, business
Jacqueline Waggoner, education
Father Art Wheeler, C.S.C., history
Student: William Heyler

Committee on Sustainability

Laurie Laird, Moreau Center for Service & Justice — chair
Elena Bernard, business
Joe Cates, physical plant
Sean Ducey, events
Ian Parkman, business
Sean Smith, physical plant
Ben Tribelhorn, engineering
Sarah Weiger, engineering
Rachel Wheeler, theology
*Blair Woodard, history
Student: Michael Rewers