Presidential Advisory Committees

*Indicates Academic Senate representative

Committee on Athletic Affairs

Samuel S. Holloway, Business (Chair)
Eric J. Anctil, Education*
William M. Curtis, Political Science
Timothy A. Doughty, Engineering
Jon T. Down, Business
Hillary A. Gaudio, Education
Jackie Greulich, Athletics
Montana Hisel-Chochran, Business
Scott R. Leykam, Athletics
Roberta D. Lindahl, Registrar
Elizabeth R. Morton, Chemistry
Karen E. Peters, Athletics
Mark R. Pitzer, Psychological Sciences
Kristin E. Sweeney, Environmental Science
Janet K. Turner, Financial Aid
Jack Klines ’24, Student

Committee on Budgets

Jason A. Brough, Athletics (Co-Chair)
Nicole C. Ralston, Education* (Co-Chair)
Amy P. Eaton, Development
Rev. James S. Gallagher, C.S.C., Campus Ministry
Zachary L. Simmons, Psychological Sciences
Jacqueline Van Hoomissen, Biology
Eric C. Barger, Financial Affairs (Ex-Officio)
Robin G. Michell, Financial Affairs (Ex-Officio)
Joey Paumier ’22, Student
Cole J. Stoker ’22, Student

Committee on Inclusion

Eduardo R. Contreras, International Education, Diversity, and Inclusion (Chair)
Itzel Cruz Megchun, Business
Cassandra Esparza, Admissions
Yuri Hernández Osorio, Student Activities
Christina M. Luna, Physical Plant
Jeffrey W. Meiser, Political Science
Salvador B. Orara, Engineering
Sarina R. Saturn, Psychological Sciences
Grace E. Adam ’22, Student

Committee on Information Technology

Rev. Daniel J. Parrish, C.S.C., Business (Chair)
Maria Erb, Information Services
Regina C. Galbick, Information Services
Gary F. Mitchell, Business
Giannina Reyes-Giardiello, International Languages and Cultures
David F. Turnbloom, Theology
Amber L. Vermeesch, Nursing
Kai Richardson ’22, Student

Committee on Student Media

Michael E. Lewellen, Marketing and Communications (Chair)
Brian J. Adams, Engineering
Alexa M. Dare, Communications* (Currently on Sabbatical)
David M. De Lyser, Performing Fine Arts
Jeromy A. Koffler, Student Activities (Ex-Officio)
Scott R. Leykam, Athletics
José R. Nevarez, Athletics
Debra L. Stephens, Business
Jacqueline M. Waggoner, Education
Rev. Arthur F. Wheeler, C.S.C., History
Katherine R. Motley ’24, Student

Committee on Sustainability

Laurie A. Laird, Moreau Center for Service & Justice (Co-Chair)
Jennie Cambier, University Operations (Co-Chair)
Joseph M. Cates, Physical Plant
Sean N. Ducey, Events
Ian D. Parkman, Business
Ben Root, Development
Sean M. Smith, Physical Plant
Benjamin R. Tribelhorn, Engineering*
Sarah N. Weiger, Engineering
Rachel J. Wheeler, Theology
Alyssa A. Gribben ’24, Student