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Welcome to A Community of Scholars, an annual compendium of the many and varied scholarly and creative works produced by University of Portland faculty members. This testimony to the breadth and depth of the intellectual inquiries occurring on The Bluff stands as a reminder that at University of Portland we strive—in the classroom and in our research—for the education of the whole person, both heart and mind.

Faculty Profiles

Jordy Wolfand

Jordy Wolfand Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

"I love working with our students, as both a teacher and mentor! I also love that I get to do both teaching and research."

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Heidi Senior

Heidi Senior Reference & Instruction Librarian

"My parents were teachers, and I knew I wanted to have a career in education too."

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Andra Davis

Andra Davis Associate Professor of Nursing

"Palliative care practice and education inspire me. Nurses engage with people during difficult times and, as educators, it is our responsibility to prepare them for that care."

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Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor Assistant Professor of Chemistry

"It’s powerful for students to see how the principles they learn in class can be used to solve the latest research problems."

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Katie Danielson

Katie Danielson Assistant Professor of Education

"I’m also working with colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania engaging in innovative, school-based, professional development learning labs."

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Lezlie Cross

Lezlie Cross Associate Professor of Theatre

"My love of Shakespeare’s language and storytelling was cemented from a very young age, when I accompanied my grandparents on yearly pilgrimages to the Utah Shakespeare Festival and Zion National Park."

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