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A Message from Dr. Herbert A. Medina, Provost:
Welcome to A Community of Scholars, an annual compendium of the many and varied scholarly and creative works produced by University of Portland faculty members. This testimony to the breadth and depth of the intellectual inquiries occurring on The Bluff stands as a reminder that at University of Portland we strive—in the classroom and in our research—for the education of the whole person, both heart and mind.

Faculty Profiles

Martin Cenek

Martin Cenek Associate Professor of Computer Science

"Undergraduate research helps to bridge the gap between academic setting and practice. The field of computer science advances incredibly fast—when students graduate, there are new tools, programming languages, and technologies that did not exist when they started college. "

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Jane Scott

Jane Scott Librarian

"What I enjoy most about working at UP is the people. I especially enjoy working with the students. Watching them grow in their knowledge and capabilities is inspiring and motivating. Likewise, learning with colleagues while completing projects or writing for publications has been challenging, edifying, and exciting."

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Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi Assistant Professor of Political Science

"As a migrant woman, coming from a family that has been displaced over space and time, notably from Iran and Eastern Europe, my lived experience is my main inspiration for what I do and how I do it—including pursuing Political Science as an academic field."

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Nicole Auxier

Nicole Auxier Associate Professor of Nursing

"My concept-based curriculum research has allowed me to bring the best practices directly to my classes and has shaped my teaching practice by embracing team teaching, mentorship, and concept delivery instead of content delivery."

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Lizhong Hao

Lizhong Hao Assistant Professor of Accounting

"I use my scholarly research findings to explain certain topics in teaching. For example, when teaching BUS 312 Cost Accounting, I share my research on internal audit quality, auditor independence, and new accounting information technology such as blockchain, hoping to inspire students with interest in different areas of accounting practice."

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Nicole Ralston

Nicole Ralston Associate Professor of Education

"My scholarship is a constant loop of learning and supporting our students with what I learn, and bringing real examples of research projects into teaching our students how to conduct research themselves to improve outcomes for students and teachers. This cyclical loop keeps my teaching fresh and relevant to the ongoing struggles in K-12 schools."

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