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Provost's Introduction

Thomas Greene EdD

Thomas Greene EdD University Provost and Professor, School of Education

"In accordance with the goal of educating the whole person, we honor faith and reason as ways of knowing, promote ethical reflection, and prepare people who respond to the needs of the world and its human family."

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John Orr PhD

John Orr PhD Assistant Provost and Professor, English

"Getting an insider view into the profession is enormously valuable. That discernment process is crucial in helping students figure out who they are and where they’re going."

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Joshua Swidzinski PhD

Joshua Swidzinski PhD Assistant Professor, English

"Students do their best work when you give them the freedom and initiative to make discoveries for themselves. Those are the discoveries that stick with them in the long term and resonate."

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Vail Fletcher PhD and Tara Prestholdt PhD

Vail Fletcher PhD and Tara Prestholdt PhD Associate Professors

"If we’re enjoying the learning process and we’re able to model that with sincerity and passion, we’re giving the greatest gift we can give, which is this deep relationship to learning."

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Keaton Averman

Keaton Averman - Class of 2019
B.B.A. Marketing

"While my marketing major has allowed me to give a practical skill set to my view and vision to the arts, On the Bluff Studios gave me that small group -- that tight knit community that I needed to excel, to grow and develop, and make me into the person I am today."

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Dominique Gillis

Dominique Gillis - Class of 2020
B.B.A. Marketing

"E-Scholars taught me how to be a more independent student and more confident as a person, in and out of the classroom."

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Sitara Nath

Sitara Nath - Class of 2019
B.A. Political Science & Philosophy

"Everything in the classroom only makes sense to me once it has been applied in my life. "

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Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez - Class of 2020
B.S.N. Nursing

"There is only so much that we can simulate here in the lab and the school being able to provide us with these experiences to go out into the community -- you can't put a price on that. "

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Sven Shoultz

Sven Shoultz - Class of 2019
B.B.A. Marketing

"It is all about taking those moments of failure and going, how can I be productive past that? You have this community where you know you're going to be welcomed and that no matter what you do, you're still going to be accepted. "

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