Online Fitness Class Details

UP Recreational Services online fitness class process in Microsoft Teams 
To become a member of the 'UP Rec Services Virtual Fitness' team, send a quick email request to Brian Dezzani at:
How does it work? 
Once on the team, members can adjust their notification settings and select the classes of their interest. Members can also 'hide' the classes they are not interested in to reduce notifications. 
Each fitness class is listed as a 'channel' (organized numerically on the left side of the screen). There, members can view the list of classes and the days/times they stream live. Fitness instructors will begin their class by initiating a 'call' within the specific class channel 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This is a fun time to say hello to others in the class! 
To take a live class: 
Members should enter Microsoft Teams through their UP account apps page, rather the calendar notification to avoid initiating a new call. In other words, members must join the call the instructor initiated (in the specific class channel) in order to be a participant in the live class. If a member is in a call without the instructor, likely he/she initiated a new call and should end the call immediately. 
Once in Microsoft Teams, members can join live classes anytime within the class time frame by pressing 'join.' Members will be prompted to turn on/off their microphone and camera. At the class start time, instructors will ask members to mute their microphones for recording purposes. Fitness instructors prefer members keep their cameras on so they can see their students but that is the member's choice. If at any time a member cannot see the instructor, they should go to the participant's list and hover over the instructor's name. There, members can 'pin' the instructor so that the video feed remains on them. 
*For greater video/audio quality, members are encouraged to plug into the internet with an ethernet cord. 
Classes do not require any fitness specific equipment but a flat, open surface is suggested. At times, instructors may get creative and use household items such as a towel, chair or water bottle. 
Throughout the class, fitness instructors will provide detailed instruction regarding form and pace. Additionally, instructors will remind members to exercise their own judgement pertaining to movements, signal if they need a modification, and take breaks as needed. 
Members are welcome to post hellos and positive comments in the chat box during class. After class, they are encouraged to un-mute their microphones to chat with the instructor and others in the class. 
To take an archived class: 
Members can access recorded classes on their own time by going to the desired class channel and clicking on the 'Archived Class Video' section at the top of the page. Classes are listed by date.