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Equipment Checkout Policies

Rental Equipment and Bike Shop services are for University of Portland students, faculty and staff use only. For most items, there is no charge if the equipment is returned on-time, clean, dry and undamaged. When checking items out, users must fill out a checkout agreement, which covers most of the policies and procedures listed below.

Equipment must be returned when the Outdoor Pursuits Program office is open. Equipment is not considered returned until it is checked back in at the OPP program office.
Late Fee $5 per day.

Equipment may not be reserved and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Most equipment that we check out requires special skills by the user. The user is responsible for assessing their own skills as well as anyone who uses the equipment checked out to the user. The user agrees to only use the equipment for its intended purpose. The University is not responsible for injury or death related to the use of university equipment. Users should fully inspect the equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order and includes all parts, eg., tent poles, rain flys, etc. User should point out any equipment damage or concerns about equipment to OPP/Bike shop staff. OPP/Bike shop staff should correct any issues prior to its checkout. If the problem can't be immediately remedied, the user should request replacement equipment. If at any time during the checkout, the equipment breaks or becomes damaged, user should not use it until it is repaired.

Users should understand that there are risks involved with the activities which utilize this equipment and the University of Portland is held harmless in the case of injury or death while using the equipment. Users ensure that all users of OPP & Bike equipment while in his or her possession knows how to use equipment safely.
User agrees to return all items on or before the due date in the same condition it was checked out in. Items should be clean and dry. User will be charged a cleaning fee if equipment is returned dirty or wet. User will be charged $5.00 for each day the equipment is late. User is responsible for item repair costs or replacement should they become damaged, lost, or stolen. User agrees to pay all charges and understands that a hold may be placed on his/her student records and equipment checkout privileges are revoked until all charges are paid.

Additional Information for Bike Users
Bikes must be returned on the same day they are checked out. Bikes may only be kept overnight if checked out on Friday or Saturday or by special arrangement with the Director of Recreational Services. Users may only use UP bikes for a maximum of 5 days in one month. This allows all of our students to be able to use our bike.

Rec Services will not check out bikes without helmets & locks. The only exception is if the user has a helmet and shows it to the staff member checking the bike out. We recommend always wearing a helmet when riding a bike.

Bikes should be locked to an immobile object such as a bike rack or a street sign. Do not lock bikes to an object which can easily be moved or cut. Bike thieves will take a bike from its location and cut the lock later. They will also steal anything that is not locked. Our U-locks should be locked through the frame of the bike and the back tire to an object. The cable provided with the u-locks should be looped through the front tire and the u-lock. If the u-lock won't reach the immobile object, use the cable to loop around the object. Make sure the bike can't be taken by lifting the lock over the immobile object. Bike lock keys are the responsibility of the user and if lost, the entire lock must be replaced at the expense of the user. If a bike is checked out overnight, it should be locked inside a building.

In addition to fines for late bikes, there is also a fine for bikes which are not locked as specified above.

User agrees to ride the bike in a safe manner. User is responsible for all damage to bike while it is checked out.