Summer Session Update

Questions about summer school should be directed to the respective dean of your school or Dr. Elise Moentmann, Associate Provost, who directs summer semester.

All courses and summer academic programming must meet the health and safety requirements established by county, state, and federal law and health-related agencies such as Oregon Health Authority and Center for Disease Control.

  • All summer courses that begin on May 18, 2020 (Summer Session 1) are being offered online. Such courses include the 6-week offerings of Summer Session I that end on June 26, 8-week offerings that end on July 10, and 12-week offerings that span the entire summer and end on August 6, 2020.
  • The University will abide by restrictions dictated by the governor’s office regarding the number of people who can be in a closed space at any one time. To ensure that the University meets county and state requirements during the state’s phased reopening over the summer, no standard courses, regardless of enrollment, may be offered face to face and in a regular classroom.
  • Thus, all courses beginning on June 29 (Summer Session II) will also be conducted online.
  • Schools and programs that must meet requirements for licensure and/or accreditation may have differing timelines and guidelines for specialized summer classes, e.g. clinical simulation in nursing, or off-campus programming in Canada (see below).
  • A course with insufficient enrollment is subject to cancellation. In such an event, you may enroll in a different course without additional cost or you may receive a refund. The University reserves the right to cancel courses where enrollment is inadequate, to close enrollment in courses which are filled, and to modify course offerings when necessary.
  • This move to online instruction is specific to Summer 2020, and is a direct result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Multnomah County and the state of Oregon.


For more information please visit the Summer Session website.