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Kenna Hall Director

Kenna Hall Director

Karrina Dehle
Hall Director, Kenna Hall

Karrina is in her second year of serving Kenna Hall as the hall director. She has a bachelor's in health science from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, and a master's in higher education from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Karrina comes to the University of Portland with experience in residence life and college health education. She continues to build a respectful and supportive community, foster courageous conversations, and create a space where both fun and learning happen simultaneously. In her free time, Karrina enjoys cooking, reading, and skiing.

Students say:

  • “I love my HD. Karrina is awesome and amazing and a great asset to Kenna. I am amazing with all the kindness she shows to the dorm by showing up to Hall Council events, making sure she is always available to talk, and making Kenna the most welcoming and friendly environment.”
  • “Karrina is very welcoming to all the residents of Kenna, she always has her door open for anyone to come in and have a conversation with her. She also helped make the transition into college much easier; it was really nice knowing that I could go to her for any type of help.”
  • “Karrina always has her door open and I feel comfortable enough to just walk in and talk to her whenever she's there. I truly am glad she is my hall director.”

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