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Lund Family Hall Director

Michael Wode

Michael Wode
Hall Director, Lund Family Hall

Michael Wode is thrilled to be the hall director of UP's newest hall after four great years as hall director of Corrado Hall. He thoroughly enjoys living and working with the students. Michael holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Dayton and a master's degree in social service administration (i.e., social work) from the University of Chicago. Originally a Midwestern boy, Michael and his wife of nine years now enjoy the diverse landscape of the West Coast along with the awesome commitment of organic farming, locally sourced foods, and yummy local brews.

Students say:

  • “Wode has been nothing but welcoming and understanding as a Hall Director. He has made the effort to know our names extremely quickly, calls us by our names when he sees us, and even asks about our lives even if we told him a small detail a few days prior. I appreciate the hard work he has put into making this new home the best home on campus.”
  • “Wode is a fantastic hall director. He is super approachable so you can go up to talk about your day or have a really serious council session he is always there. He really adds to this community with his wonderful personality and he is super funny. Wode makes Lund Fam complete.”

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