Mehling Hall Director


Paige Patterson
Hall Director, Mehling Hall

 Paige Patterson is a recent graduate of Friends University where she earned a master's degree in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership. She also holds a bachelor's degree in communication arts from George Fox University where she had the opportunity to work as an RA. Since then, she has worked as a youth coordinator and restaurant manager and has been on several program teams for camps and conference centers. She is a big fan of servant leadership and is passionate about young adult and community flourishment, learning from and celebrating diverse cultures, and giving space for individuals to feel and be heard. She is incredibly excited to be a part of University of Portland's Residence Life team, and to be a part of the Mehling family.

In her spare time, Paige enjoys listening to live music and podcasts, theater, arcades, hiking, sharing meals and attempting to learn how to kayak.

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