Moving In/Out and Living in Residence Halls | University of Portland

Moving In/Out and Living in Residence Halls

1. What should I bring for my residence hall room?
Please click here to download a full list.

2. What shouldn’t I bring with me for my residence hall room?
Please click here to download a full list.

3. When can I move-in to my residence hall?
Please see this page for first year orientation information, and this page has move in dates for all students.

4. Is there storage available in the halls?
Limited storage is available in each resident's room. Each hall has an area in the basement for storage of larger articles, trunks, and packing boxes. The ability to use this storage is not guaranteed and may have restrictions depending on the hall. See your hall staff for more information about trunk room access hours and regulations. Although the storage areas are secured, residents store belongings at their own risk. The University of Portland is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of any items stored.

5. Is there bike storage in or around the halls?
Several residence halls have specific bike storage rooms (space permitting). All the residence halls have U-shaped bike racks near the front of the buildings and there are several U-shaped bike racks around campus for storage. Bikes cannot be stored in residence hall hallways or be secured in doorways, handrails, stairwells, ADA access areas, or any area designated as fire exit.

6. Do I need renter’s insurance?
The University assumes no responsibility in most instances if your personal belongings are lost or damaged in your room or in other areas of the hall, such as laundry rooms and trunk rooms. Therefore, we recommend renter's insurance. You may already be covered under a parent or guardian's home insurance. For students seeking to purchase renter's insurance, the University has partnered with GradGuard, a service of Next Generation Insurance Group. You can find more information on our renter's insurance page.

7. When do residence halls close for the year?
The only time the traditional residence halls close is for the winter break; students who live in traditional halls will not have access to their rooms during this break. Students should make travel plans accordingly. Haggerty & Tyson Halls and University-owned houses do not close for Winter break.

During fall break, Thanksgiving break, spring break, and Easter weekend the halls remain open, but with limited services. All residence halls, including Haggerty & Tyson Halls, close for summer vacation. See the Important Dates page for this year's hall closing dates.

8. What if something in my room or hall breaks?
Please report any needed repairs right away. Students can submit work order requests here. Hall staff are also happy to help students submit work orders if needed. UP’s Facilities Services works hard to repair issues promptly, but can only fix things if someone reports them broken. It is better if many students report the same issue, rather than everyone assuming someone else reported it, and then our staff don’t know there is any problem.