Hall Directors

The hall director has a critical leadership role in the Office of Residence Life. This position has primary ownership for the well-being and development of the students in the assigned residence hall. The hall director has a special and unique responsibility to foster community within the residence hall, inspired and informed by the University of Portland's Catholic and Holy Cross tradition of residentiality.

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What Does a Hall Director Do?

Each hall director is assigned to a specific residence hall community in which they live full time. There are four major areas in which hall directors strive to support their residence hall communities through their day-to-day work.

Community Development

Hall directors build a culture of community in their hall, building rapport with residents through daily interactions and providing a consistent presence as a role model and resource. They promote the Holy Cross approach to residentiality where individual hall identity is promoted and celebrated, working with students to create and maintain strong hall traditions and a sense of belonging for all residents. They supervise educational programming and advise student leaders who work to support connections between the hall community and University faculty. Finally, hall directors educate students on University policies and procedures, enforcing regulations and determining appropriate consequences for violations of these policies.

Student Development

Hall directors serve as a pastoral minister, partnering with the pastoral resident(s) to provide support and faith development guidance to students. They assist students with academic, social, spiritual, and personal matters, and they are aware of campus resources, referring students to other offices for additional support. When needed, hall directors mediate student conflicts and help resolve issues.

Staff Development

Hall directors supervise their designated assistant hall director(s) and resident assistants in their assigned residence hall. They coordinate the staff selection process and design hall-specific orientation and training for hall staff.

Hall Operations & Administration

Hall directors maintain regular on-call duty hours in their assigned residence hall in rotation with the assistant hall director(s). They respond to problems and concerns brought forward by students and manage crisis situations through immediate action, sound judgment, and appropriate referrals. They serve as a liaison with Physical Plant for physical needs of the hall and with Campus Safety for any security concerns. Hall directors are responsible for accurate and timely completion of required administrative reports and paperwork, and overseeing the stewardship of the hall's finances.

Students Say:

"[My hall director] is a great role model in every regard. He is always welcoming and helpful. I've talked with him multiple times about various topics from school to social life and everywhere in between. He is very open to help. He regularly hosts events to gather the community and foster friendships and brotherhood."

"[My hall director] made me feel welcomed since day 1. He's funny, and is always connecting with us and hanging out with us! He's always there to put a smile on my face, and I love having him around!"

"My HD is a valuable resource when it comes to problems and advice. She is always willing to listen and is truly invested in our problems."

"[My hall director] almost always leaves her door open, and is more than happy to have company. She is involved in hall events, and is invested in all of the residents."

Who Can Be a Hall Director?

We seek qualified candidates who have the education, experience, and skills detailed below:

  • Master's degree in pastoral ministry or divinity, education, counseling, student affairs, or a related field is strongly preferred. Bachelor's degree required. 
  • Understanding of the structure, mission, and values of institutions of Catholic higher education.
  • Demonstrated ability in working with college-age students in university residence halls or in ministry of young adults.
  • Experience related to community development, faith development, conflict resolution, student conduct, advising, and educational programming is essential.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and leadership skills required.
  • Superior interpersonal skills and ability to develop effective rapport with a variety of personalities.
  • Supervisory experience, particularly training and coordinating volunteers.
  • Ability to manage complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, mixing long-term projects with urgent or immediate demands.
  • Capacity to manage stress and maintain personal and emotional stability in a demanding work environment.
  • Available to work nights/weekends for assigned hall duty and to respond to critical situations.
  • Competence with technology (MS Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook) and ability to learn new systems.

This position is a live-in, full-time, 10-month appointment (typically late July or early August through May) and offers full-time benefits, including a retirement plan, furnished apartment, and meal plan. This position reports to the director of residence life.

Apply to be a Hall Director: Visit the University of Portland Jobs page to see if we have current vacancies.