Apply for Housing: Current Student


The housing selection nights for current students will all take place online for those who complete their housing applications by February 12th. Students can apply for housing and look for roommates on eRezLife via PilotsUP or by clicking here. Any current student wishing to live on campus next year can apply for housing!

Students can always still apply for housing at any point beyond the big housing selection nights. In that case we will simply work with you individually to identify your assignment based on what is available.

In recent years the Office of Residence Life has adjusted the housing selection processes to ensure that every student, regardless of whether they are currently on campus or learning remotely, has the same opportunity to reserve space in their preferred hall. Housing selection nights for traditional residence halls have been organized by class year rather than by residence hall as in years past. 

Students are encouraged to review updated meal plan options, learn more about our unique residence hall communities, and utilize the campus map to see where residence halls are located on campus.

Important Dates

Sunday, February 12

Housing applications due for students who wish to participate in online housing selection. *Students are welcome to apply for housing after this date, and will be placed where there is available space within our residence halls.

Monday, February 20th

6:00pm-8:00pm (PST) 

UP Rentals and Haggerty & Tyson Apartments Housing Selection for Rising Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students (For housing purposes, "junior" refers to a student entering their third year or fifth semester in college and "senior" refers to a student entering their fourth year or seventh semester in college). 

Tuesday, February 21st

 6:00pm-8:00pm (PST) 

Traditional Residence Hall Housing Selection for co- ed halls: Lund, Shipstad, and Corrado. 

Wednesday, February 22nd 

6:00pm-8:00pm (PST) 

Traditional Residence Hall Housing Selection for female halls: Kenna, Mehling, and Fields.

Thursday, February 23rd

6:00pm-8:00pm (PST) 

Traditional Residence Hall Housing Selection for male halls: Villa, Christie, and Schoenfeldt. 

   Traditional Residence Hall Housing Selection

Students will be able to log onto eRezlife and choose from any of the traditional residence halls on their selection night. Each housing selection night takes place from 6:00pm-8:00pm (PST). 

 Key Information About Housing Selection at UP: 

  • You must complete and submit your to participate in the housing selection process. 
  • We value having students of all class years living together in community. Thus, rooms in each traditional residence hall are always reserved for incoming first-year students. 
  • We organize housing selection nights for each hall where students can get in-person help from hall staff. 
  • We offer thoughtful roommate searching and matching tools so students can find compatible roommates. 
  • We will have Housing Info Sessions prior to selection. Dates and times can be found on our website.

Roommate Groups 

  • Students must create roommate groups in order to be linked with and placed with their intended roommate(s) in their room/apartment/house. 
  • The student with the earliest time-slot in the roommate group will select the room and be able to pull in their roommates with them.  
  • Students do not need to designate a proxy in the housing application if they are part of a complete roommate group since they will be pulled in by their roommate when their roommate selects housing.  
  • You are required to complete a roommate group in eRezLife if you want to live in a triple, quad, UP Rental, or a Haggerty & Tyson apartment. Your group must completely fill the size of room/rental/apartment you want to choose.
    • If you don't have a roommate and choose a double room during selection, your assignment will be consolidated and you will be assigned a random roommate. You may also be moved to a different room.


UP Rental Houses and Haggerty & Tyson Apartments Housing Selection

Students must be rising juniors or above in the Fall 2023 semester to be eligible for uper division housing (for housing purposes, "junior" refers to a student entering their third year or fifth semester in college). In addition, students must create roommate groups which will fit the size of the house or apartment they are interested in. UP rental houses accommodate anywhere from two (2) to six (6) students and every student has a private bedroom. Haggerty and Tyson apartments accommodate groups of four (4), six (6), or seven (7) students. There is also one apartment that accommodates eighteen (18) students. All apartments feature a variety of both double and single rooms.
UP Rentals: By February 1st, students will be able to view which UP Rentals are available to choose from during housing selection on the PilotsUP Local Rentals page. Students who are being pulled into a UP Rental by current UP Rental occupants will sign a 12-month lease beginning June 1, 2023. Students choosing new houses on selection night will sign 10-month lease beginning August 1. Both 10-month & 12-month leases will end May 31, 2024.  

Haggerty & Tyson Apartments: To be equitable to students who were unable to live on campus this semester, there will be no Haggerty & Tyson pre-selection process. All current Haggerty & Tyson residents must go through the same process as other upper division students and create eligible roommate groups.  



  • Visit the Residence Life FAQs page for more information about the housing selection process for returning students
  • How does online housing selection work? Watch a video here