Apply for Housing: Mid-Year Housing

If you are seeking to move into UP housing during the course of an academic year, whether for the spring semester only or at another time during the year, you should complete the Mid-Year Housing Application.

You will need a Pilots login to complete the application. Click the "Apply for Housing" button below, log in to eRezLife with your Pilots login, and then click the green "Apply Now" button next to the current year's Campus Housing & Meal Application.

Apply for Housing

I am a first-time freshman who qualified for a residency exemption, but I've decided I don't want to commute from home anymore. Can I live on campus?

You are welcome to complete the Mid-Year Housing Application and indicate your preferred move-in date. We will look at what spaces we have available on campus and let you know if we are able to offer you housing by the date you requested.

I'm returning from abroad in spring, and my friend's room has an open spot for spring. Can I request to live with my friend?

Yes, there is a space on the application to request a specific roommate and/or hall and room.

When can I move in for spring semester?

See the Important Dates page for this year's spring move-in dates.

I can't see the application online. Why not?

If you previously applied for housing for this same academic year and then canceled, deferred, or did not select housing during returner selection, you already have an application on file for the year. Call the Office of Residence Life at 503.943.7205 to have your previous application removed so you can complete the Mid-Year Housing Application.

If you are a current on-campus resident looking to change rooms during the year, please talk to your hall staff. You will complete a different form to request a room change.


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