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Change or Cancel Housing Contract

Requesting a Housing Change

Below is a form that can be used to request a change to the terms of your housing contract or to your housing assignment. There are a variety of reasons for which you might use this petition to modify.

Section 1:
  • To notify us that you will be changing the room or hall to which you are assigned. This requires the signature of your hall director and, where applicable, the signature of the hall director whose hall you will be moving to.
Section 2:
  • To petition to live in on-campus housing when you will no longer be a full-time student. Indicate the number of credit hours you are taking or will be taking when you drop below full-time status (12 credits for undergraduate students and 9 credits for graduate students), and include a brief explanation of your reason for dropping below full-time status.
  • To request to arrive earlier than the date halls open at the beginning of a semester, or to stay later than the date halls close at the end of a semester. This requires an explanation and, if approved, your student account will be charged $49 per day that you move in early or stay late. Generally, requests are only approved for a single day's early arrival or late stay. 
  • To request an exemption from your meal plan. This requires first contacting Bon Appétit to determine whether your health and dietary needs can be accommodated in our dining halls. When submitting this form you must attach medical documentation (such as a note from your doctor) explaining why this exemption should be granted. It is not guaranteed.

2018-2019 Petition Form to Modify Housing Contract

Canceling a Housing Contract

Students may be released from the student housing contract by any one of the following options: (a) withdrawing from school; (b) marriage; (c) graduation; (d) approved study abroad; (e) serious extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control that were not present at the time of housing selection. Students who request to be released from their student housing contract must complete a Housing Contract Petition Form and submit it to the Office of Residence Life, Tyson Hall 123. Appropriate documentation must accompany the petition for it to be considered. Students who are released from their contracts during a semester may be eligible for a refund based on the unused portion of the contract. The housing deposit is non-refundable in this case.

If a student moves out of a residence hall during the school year without an approved contract release or is removed for judicial purposes, housing costs for the year will be charged to their account.

2018-2019 Petition Form to Cancel Housing Contract