Room and board rates are based on the combination of a standard occupancy room and the chosen dining option. These rates are calculated per-semester to match the billing cycle. Board (meal) plans are mandatory in the traditional residence halls and Haggerty & Tyson halls. Off-campus and commuter students may purchase a meal plan through Student Accounts or purchase points through Bon Appétit.

Additional fees for single and under-occupancy rooms are added to the standard housing rates. Also, rooms with special amenities such as private bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry machines incur an additional per-semester charge. Only juniors, seniors, and graduate students may live in Haggerty & Tyson Halls or be assigned to a single room in the traditional halls. For housing purposes, "junior" refers to a student entering their third year or fifth semester in college and "senior" refers to a student entering their fourth year or seventh semester in college. The rates listed below are for all residence halls (including Haggerty & Tyson) for the 2023-2024 academic year, per semester.


2023-2024 Housing (Room) Rates  

Room Type Semester Rate
Traditional Hall Single Room  $7,000
Traditional Hall Double/Triple/Quad Room  $5,200
Haggerty and Tyson Single Room  $7,800
Haggerty and Tyson Double Room  $6,000


2023-2024 Meal Plan (Board) Rates 

Meal Plan Semester Rate

Meal Plan 1 - 2,000 Points

This meal plan is designed for light eaters and those who tend to spend only part of their time on campus. Choose this plan if you’ll sit down at Bauccio Commons or Pilot House for one full meal a day with friends, then drop by for one or two more light meals on the run.


Meal Plan 2 - 2,400 Points

This mid-range plan hits the sweet spot for most students. Choose this plan if you’ll probably have two full meals a day at Bauccio Commons or Pilot House, plus one light meal.


Meal Plan 3 - 2,800 Points

This plan is designed for those who expect to sit down for most meals, light or hearty, in Pilot House or Bauccio Commons, or those who have larger appetites for the meals they do eat.


Bluff Bucks - 200 Points

The University’s meal plans are intended to cover the cost of meals. While meal plan points can be used for any Bon Appétit purchase, same students may want to purchase extra points to cover the cost of gourmet coffees, snacks, or purchases at Mack’s Market. Bluff Bucks can be purchased up front and/or as needed. 


 Click here for more information about 2023-2024 Meal Plans   


UP Rental House Rates 2023-2024

Room Type Semester Rate
1-bedroom house

10 month lease $5,700

12 month lease $6,840

2-bedroom house

10 month lease $4,285

12 month lease $5,142

3-bedroom house

10 month $3,580

12 month $4,296

4-bedroom house

10 month $3,250

12 month $3,900

5-bedroom house

10 month lease $2,925

12 month lease $3,510

6-bedroom house

10 month lease $2,930

12 month lease $3,516

UP Rental House rates are based upon a 10-month lease period beginning August 1 and ending May 31. Let us know if you are seeking a 12-month lease period beginning June 1. Students in rental houses are billed by semester; this does not include deposits or utilities. Click here for more information about UP Rental Houses.


Summer 2023 Housing Rates

Summer Room Type Rate
Double Room $238 per week
Single Room $333 per week


Summer room rates are based on room occupancy and length of stay. Charges are calculated per week.