Special Housing Information for Spring 2021

Reserve On-Campus Housing

  • Students can sign up for Spring 2021 housing any time at up.erezlife.com.
  • Private rooms are available at no additional charge.
  • UP’s policies are designed to help ensure that students can remain on campus all semester. The CDC recommends that colleges and universities not send students back into their home communities should there be COVID-19 concerns on-campus.

Prepare for Arrival

Students should do all the following to support their health and safety and that of others in our on-campus community:

Health & Safety Measures

  • Get a flu shot as soon as possible.
  • Practice COVID-19 protective behaviors starting now.
  • Download the Carbon Health app for daily symptom monitoring and COVID test scheduling/results (instructions are forthcoming).
  • Quarantine for 14 days before their arrival date, or for 7 days if they can also get a COVID test (with negative results) within the 7-day pre-arrival window.
  • Stay home and don’t travel to campus until cleared by a healthcare provider if they test positive for COVID-19 or develop symptoms within the two weeks leading up to their arrival date.
  • Follow CDC guidance for safe travel

Community Measures

ID Card Photo Upload

  • Students without a UP ID card should upload their photo headshot for their ID card to be ready on their arrival day. Photos must be .jpg files and images must be less than 20KB

Planning & Packing

  • Review our FAQs on what to pack ordinarily as well as during the pandemic.
  • Prepare for a streamlined move-in process by having all belongings and supplies ready when you arrive. Do not wait until arriving in Portland to shop for items for your room.
  • Students may ship packages to UP after January 4, 2021. Please use this address:

    [Your name]
    [Your residence hall & room]
    University of Portland
    5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97203

Arrival Day

Arrival Days & Times

  • Each student’s designated arrival day depends on their residence hall assignment (see below).
  • These days cannot be changed as they are sequenced with the baseline COVID test and quarantine protocols.
  • Students can choose and reserve their arrival time by clicking here. Arrival times represent the scheduled time of each student’s COVID baseline test.
Residence Hall Arrival/Move-In Date
Corrado Hall Thursday, January 21
Fields Hall Wednesday, January 20
Lund Family Hall Monday, January 18
Mehling Hall Tuesday, January 19
Schoenfeldt Hall Wednesday, January 20
Shipstad Hall Monday, January 18
Haggerty & Tyson Apartments Friday, January 22
Villa Maria Hall Friday, January 22

Arrival/Baseline COVID Testing

  • Students' first stop on campus will be UP’s COVID testing site (the Lund Family Hall Annex). The address is 5415 N. Warren Street, Portland, OR 97203.
  • Arrival times (set by the Office of Residence Life) will serve as students’ baseline COVID test appointment times.
  • Appointments should take no more than 45-60 minutes.
  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your designated arrival time as there is limited parking and space in the waiting area.
  • Each student will need to receive a negative COVID test result before heading to their residence hall to continue the moving in process.

Arrival Day Guests

  • Each student may bring up to two adult guests to help them move in.
  • Please click here to register your arrival day guests in advance.
  • Only one guest may accompany a student into their residence hall at any given time.
  • Face masks and temperatures below 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit will be required for students and guests entering the residence halls.
  • Guests are asked to help their student unpack quickly before departing the residence hall so that others may continue to move in and to help maintain social distancing.
  • Guests should be prepared to say their good-byes once their student has moved their personal items into their room. Students must remain on campus to begin their baseline quarantine at this time.
  • Students with roommates are asked to have their families/guests connect virtually beforehand versus in-person on their arrival day.

Mail & Packages

  • Any packages shipped to campus will be available for pick up on your move-in day. Follow signage and enter through the Office of Residence Life door on N Warren St between N Monteith Ave and N Van Houten Ave.
  • To pick up packages, students must have a wristband. Wristbands are received when…
    • Both the student and their guests have had their temperatures checked at the COVID testing site, and
    • The student receives a negative COVID test result.
  • There will be carts and bins available to be checked out. Please be prepared to provide an ID (e.g., driver’s license) when checking out a cart or bin.
  • Any packages that arrive after a student’s arrival day can be picked up between 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 19 – Friday, January 22. Follow signage and enter through the Office of Residence Life door.
  • Starting Monday, January 25, all student packages and mail will be delivered to their residence hall and can be picked up at the front desk during designated desk hours.
  • For any package related questions, please visit the Printing & Mail Services website or contact their office at packages@up.edu.

Trunk Room Items

  • Students who need to retrieve items from a trunk room should email reslife@up.edu to schedule an appointment for their arrival day.
  • The baseline COVID test will need to occur before a student’s trunk room appointment.

After Arrival

Baseline Quarantine

  • During the week of move-in and the first week of classes, students will participate in a modified quarantine. This will involve staying on campus for this period.
  • Students can pick up their meals at the Commons during this period.
  • Students will receive a second baseline COVID test 7 days after their arrival day.

Campus Life

  • After the baseline quarantine, students can safely and responsibly leave campus to run to the grocery store, appointments, etc., and to enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Students can anticipate a fun, engaging, and safe campus life. Programs and activities will involve masks, social distancing, and close adherence to state, local, and University guidance on groups and gatherings.

Residence Life Policies

COVID-19 Facilities Measures

  • Residence halls have been de-densified with most students living in private rooms.
  • High-touch areas in residence halls, including restrooms, will be sanitized frequently during peak usage times. Electrostatic sprayers have been purchased and deployed for disinfecting.
  • Designated spaces are available for students who may need to quarantine or isolate.
  • Steps will be taken to reduce density in shared bathrooms.

COVID-19 Testing & Mobile App

  • In addition to baseline testing, students will participate in surveillance COVID testing at least every three weeks
  • Symptomatic COVID testing will continue to be available to students in the Health Center as needed.
  • Students will use a new mobile app to conduct their personal daily health screening, schedule COVID tests, receive results, and carry a daily virtual badge for access to other on-campus facilities (Beauchamp Center, Library, Commons, etc.)