Why Live On Campus?

 Here are some great reasons to live on campus at UP! 

 Academics research links campus living with higher academic performance (better grades) and increased persistence and retention in college. Many of our halls even have study programs. 

Connection – Students who live on campus often enjoy a stronger sense of community than their off-campus peers. Students in our residence halls often find friends for life! 

Safety & Security – Campus Safety personnel monitor our residence halls 24 hours per day and quickly respond to any student concerns or emergencies. After using their cards to unlock a building, students are often greeted by a student worker whose job it is to monitor activity in our lobbies.  

Support – Hall Directors, Pastoral Residents, and Resident Assistants live and work in our residence halls offering support and care and overseeing students’ well-being. They know students by name and can support them in small and big ways! 

Access – Campus residents live near the library, classroom buildings, and other campus resources. This makes it easier to attend classes, interact with faculty, meet with advisors, study and do projects with peers, use academic support services, and attend programs and events. It makes attending an evening event easier during our wet and cold winters. 

Dining – Campus residents have meal plans which give them easy access to meals. They can focus on academics rather than grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning the dishes!   

Ease – Campus housing includes all utilities including Wi-Fi, garbage services and laundry rooms. Our communal spaces are professionally cleaned by our custodial staff each day. Our maintenance staff can quickly respond to and resolve any facilities concerns. 

Fun – Our residence halls serve as our students' home away form home and have fun programs, activities, and community-building opportunities going on every night. Click to learn about each hall and to see what is going on on their Instagrams!