Being a Good Neighbor

Campus Safety's House Rules for Living Off Campus

Remember: You are in a community where you are thought of as a responsible adult. You should act as though you are in your hometown.

  1. Good Neighbor Policy
    • No excessive noise is allowed in the City of Portland between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
    • Remind your guests to be quiet and respectful when walking through the neighborhood.
    • You and your guests need to keep trash picked up and not litter in the neighborhood.
    • Go meet your neighbors — introduce yourselves and exchange contact information.
  2. Patio and Deck
    • Tenants are required to maintain the front of the dwelling and keep the patio, deck, and other adjacent areas clean and free of trash.
    • Fire codes require barbecues to be placed at least 10 feet from the building when in use.
    • No inside furniture, such as couches and chairs, should be kept outside.
  3. Garbage
    • Place all garbage in tightly enclosed bags.
    • Close lid after depositing garbage.
    • Do NOT discard furniture in or by garbage can. Arrange for pickup of these items.
    • Only place garbage/recycling cans curbside on garbage pickup day.
  4. Recycling
    • Please participate with all available recycling efforts.
    • Recycling bins are provided by the garbage hauler for your use.
  5. Parking
    • Parking is permitted on driveways and streets and in garages — NEVER ON LAWNS!
    • Do not park in front of someone's home when you know that they park a car or truck there. Be a good neighbor.
    • Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests park in appropriate areas. Guests may park in driveways or on the street.
    • Do not leave small electronics, purses, or wallets in plain view in your vehicle.
    • Do NOT park facing the wrong way on the street — you may be cited.
  6. Good Neighbor Questions?
    • If you have questions about what to do when living off campus, just call the Campus Safety Office at 503.943.7161, and they will be happy to help you.

Helpful Resources for Interacting with Neighbors

Being a good neighbor (Washington and Lee University)

University Park Neighborhood Association (UPNA)

If you live near campus in the University Park neighborhood, consider joining the UPNA. This organization provides a forum in which members can become informed about neighborhood issues and express their ideas and recommendations concerning the neighborhood. It maintains communicate between the neighborhood, the City of Portland, and the North Portland Community. Click here to learn more about the UPNA.