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University-Owned Rental Houses

The University of Portland rents a number of houses and apartments in the neighborhood adjacent to the campus. These properties are rented to students, faculty, and staff on a space-available basis. Married students qualify to rent these off-campus houses. Eligible students must participate in the housing selection process during the spring to secure a University-owned house or apartment. Check the Rates page for information about rent.

UP-owned houses available for selection
Address # Bedrooms # Baths
5269 N. Willamette 2 1
5726 N. Willamette 2 1
4779 N. Willamette 3 1
5265 N. Willamette 3 1
6619 N. Monteith 3 1
6719 N. Portsmouth 3 2
4903 N. Willamette 4 1
5255 N. Willamette 4 1
5329 N. Willamette 4 1
4787 N. Willamette 4 1.5
5530 N. Willamette 4 1.5
5005 N. Willamette 4 2
5802 N. Warren 4 2
4771 N. Willamette 5 2.5


Common Questions about Living in a Rental House

Selecting a Rental House

How do I get started?

  1. Submit your housing application. Visit the Current Student Housing Application page for more information and this year's timeline.
  2. Form a group of students (all junior status and above) interested in living together. House sizes range from 2 to 6 bedrooms, with most having 3 to 5 bedrooms. Only one student can live in each bedroom.
  3. Prepare a backup plan in case the house(s) you are interested in are not available when your number is called. Decide ahead of time who will leave the group if you need to choose a house with fewer bedrooms.
  4. Go to the UP open house tour before selection and familiarize yourself with the houses you are interested in.
  5. Attend selection with your group. When the person in your group with the best lottery number is called, come forward and select from among the available houses.
  6. Schedule an appointment with Physical Plant to sign a lease for the house you have selected and pay the security and key deposits.

What are the requirements for living in a rental?

  • You must be junior status or above.
  • You must be a full-time UP student and plan to be one next academic year.
  • Your group must be single-gender (unless you are a married couple).

Can we bring in a roommate from outside the UP community?
No, all tenants must be UP students enrolled in classes full time throughout the entire term of their lease.

Rental House Leases

What is the standard lease term?
The standard lease term for student tenants is 10 months. The lease starts on August 1 and continues through May 31, allowing ample move-in time prior to the start of the new academic year and move-out (and clean-up) time at the conclusion of the academic year. All houses must be empty, clean, and restored to “move-in condition” prior to the move-out inspection.

Can we rent a house for 12 months?
While the standard lease term is 10 months, requests for extended lease terms are considered on an individual basis, taking into consideration the students’ circumstances, the University’s needs at the time, and any scheduled property repairs/maintenance. Inquiries should be made in the Physical Plant office.

Can I stay in my house during breaks?
Yes, you can stay in your house even when the traditional residence halls close for winter break. Leases run August 1 to May 31 and you can live there full time.

Can I stay in the same house next year?
The standard lease term is 10 months, so you should not presume that you can keep the same house from one year to the next. Requests for consecutive lease terms are considered on an individual basis, taking into consideration the students’ circumstances, the University’s needs at the time, and any schedule property repairs/maintenance. Inquiries should be made in the Physical Plant office prior to the general housing selection process.

What happens if I want to break my lease early?
When you sign a lease, you (and your housemates) are entering into a legal agreement. The lease is not "month to month" and you are financially responsible for the entire lease term/amount even if you decide to move out early. In the case of extreme personal or family hardship, please contact Physical Plant to explain your circumstances; however, even in these instances, it is not our responsibility to find your replacement housemate.

Deposits, Rent, and Utilities

Why do I have to pay multiple deposits and fees?

  • After you have selected a house, you will need to pay a security deposit equivalent to one month's rent. (This, like the monthly rent, is split among the residents of the house.) This will be refunded soon after you move out, assuming that there is no damage to the house.
  • You will also need to pay a $100 key deposit. If you return your key at the end of the year, you will have this $100 refunded to you. If you lose your key, this money will be used to cover the costs of rekeying the house and cutting new keys for all residents. If this happens, you will also need to pay a new $100 deposit on the new key, which will be refunded when you return the key at the end of the year.
  • Finally, you will pay a one-time $100 move-in fee. This covers the costs of repairs, updates, and cleaning for our rental houses. This fee is non-refundable.

All required fees and deposits must be paid in full at the time of the lease signing.

When do we sign our lease and pay the required fees/deposits?
All student tenants should be prepared to attend their lease signing (and pay the required fees/deposits) as soon as March 1st and no later than March 31st. Any house for which the lease has not been signed and/or all required fees and deposits have not been paid in full by March 31st may be put back into the rental inventory.

Where do we sign our lease and pay the required fees/deposits?
The Department of Physical Plant will schedule an appointment for your lease signing; each student tenant is required to attend a brief orientation at the time of their lease signing to discuss expectations and responsibilities. Student tenants typically pay their required fees/deposits at the time of their lease signing; we ask you to bring three (3) separate checks for accurate record-keeping. Any student tenants who paid their required fees/deposits directly to the Office of Student Accounts will have to bring their receipts to the lease signing so that Physical Plant can confirm all required fees/deposits have been accurately paid in full prior to the lease signing.

How do I pay rent?
Rent for UP-owned houses will be charged to your student account per semester and is paid for in the same way you paid for living in a residence hall on campus. Each tenant’s portion of the total rent is charged “per student, per semester,” just as room and board is charged for traditional residence halls. UP-owned houses are not considered "on-campus housing," so please check with Financial Aid before signing up for a UP-owned house if you have questions about what your scholarship(s) will cover.

Does my rent cover utilities?
No, you are responsible for paying for all utilities except for garbage. In the first week after moving in, one member of the house must call the gas, electric, and water companies to transfer the utilities into their name. If you want cable, Internet, or a house phone, call the company of your choice to set up an account. All trash/recycling services are arranged and paid for by UP. However, it is your responsibility to be a good neighbor; this means placing your trash/recycling containers curbside on the scheduled pickup day, as well as promptly removing all containers from the street after the scheduled pickup.

How much do utilities typically cost?
Utility costs vary depending on the size of the house and individual behavior/usage; e.g., the temperature setting on the thermostat, how many (and for how long) people take hot showers, etc. Approximate utility costs are as follows:

  • Electricity – approximately $100+ per month in smaller houses; more in larger houses
  • Gas – usually less than electricity, but can also be as much as $100+ per month
  • Water – approximately $300+ per quarter

Are cable TV and internet service provided?
No. Cable TV and internet service are not provided. Student tenants are responsible for contracting (and paying for) these services if they are desired.

How much does cable TV and internet service cost?
Basic introductory packages may be available for less than $100/month; however, depending on the service package and/or internet service speed, premium cable TV and high-speed internet packages can cost $100-$200/month.

Is satellite TV allowed?
No. Satellite TV is not allowed. Student tenants cannot install satellite TV dishes or otherwise make any other physical alterations to the house or property.

Furnishings and Personal Property

Are UP rentals furnished?
Rentals are not furnished. Rentals are equipped with a stove and a refrigerator. Some may have a dishwasher and a microwave, but this is not guaranteed. If previous tenants have left behind furniture or appliances in good working order, they may be retained for future tenants’ use, but if you do not want them, Physical Plant will remove them from the premises. For example, some rentals have washers and dryers left from past renters, but UP does not provide these, repair them, or replace them if they become inoperable.

Is my personal property insured by the University?
No. As stated in your lease, UP will not insure renters against any personal injury or property damage. We do not require you to have renter's insurance, but strongly encourage you to consider it. You may already be covered under a parent's insurance.

Can I store my personal items in my rental over the summer?
We do not provide storage for renters who are not staying in their house during the summer. Empty houses with items left unattended can invite vandalism. If you need storage, we suggest either Public Storage or St. John's Storage, both on Lombard.

Rules and Regulations

Are pets allowed?
No. Pets are not allowed in University-owned rental properties.

Are the rules for living in rental different from living in a residence hall?
Each student tenant is required to attend a brief orientation at the time of their lease signing to discuss expectations and responsibilities. When you sign your lease, you will see that the student handbook policies apply to those living in a rental house. For example, pets are not allowed, guests of another gender may not spend the night, and smoking is not allowed in the house. You may not paint the walls of your house. Candles are not allowed.

What about marijuana?
The University of Portland wants to remind community members of our position on marijuana. Our drug policy is clear that the use of illegal substances and the misuse of legal substances are strictly prohibited. Additionally, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Regardless of its status in the State of Oregon, or whether or not an individual possesses a prescription for medical use, marijuana is banned from our community. UP takes a strong stance against drugs because we care deeply about our students and community members. The University values the personal wellness, health, academic success, growth, and development of the individuals within our community. The University of Portland does not believe that marijuana or other illegal drugs promote the success of our students.


Can I call Public Safety if I need to?
Yes, Public Safety is available for rental house residents as well as for traditional hall residents.

What if I have a maintenance issue?
For general maintenance, visit the Physical Plant website and click the "iServiceDesk" button on the right side to submit a work order. For emergency maintenance (e.g., major leak/bursting pipe, furnace breaks down in winter), call Physical Plant at 503.943.7306 during work hours (M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). If you can't reach Physical Plant, or if it's not during business hours, call Public Safety at 503.943.7161.