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Registration Process for New Students in the Shiley School of Engineering

For your first term at the University of Portland, all students in the Shiley School of Engineering will be registered by the School of Engineering program counselor.

Registration Timeline

Take the Registration & Advising Survey: You will receive an email to your UP email address with a link to the survey. This must be completed by May 10, 2018.

May 10 Deadline

Send IP, AB, and College Transcripts to UP: Send your scores and transcripts to UP by July 1. Click here for instructions.

July 1

Program Counselors Build Schedule: During this time, your schedule is being built and is not finalized. Changes may be made by Program Counselor at any time throughout the summer. The most common adjustments are related to AP/IB or transfer credit.

May 14 - July 31

Schedule is Finalized: Now that your schedule has been built, you are welcome to call the School of Engineering with any additional questions or concerns you may have about your registration. Any changes made to your schedule after August 1st will be communicated to you via email. Click here for instructions on how to view your schedule.

August 1

Classes Begin

August 27

First Week of Classes: Changes can be made to your schedule during this week. The deadline to add or drop classes from your schedule is the 4:30pm the first Friday of every semester.

August 27 - 31

Typical First Semester Class Schedule for Engineering Students

EGR 110  - Intro to Engineering (3 credits)

One MATH course: MTH 112 (3 credits) - Pre-Calculus or MTH 201 - Calculus (4 credits) - or a higher level math if you have AP/IB or transfer credit for MTH 201.

One SCIENCE course: If you are taking MTH 112 (Pre-Calc), you will take CHM 207/277 General Chemistry I Lecture and Lab (3 credits/1 credit). If you are taking Calculus, you will take PHY 204/274 General Physics I Lecture and Lab (3 credits/1 credit)

PHL 150 - Introductory Philosophy (3 credits) or THE 105 - Introduction to Theology (3 credits)

One of the following University Core requirements: FA 207, a History Elective, ENG 112 or one Social Science Elective: SOC 101, PSY 101, ECN 120, POL 200, POL 205, or CST 225.

Total = 16-17 Credits

Classes at UP are offered one, two, three, and sometimes four times a week. Labs for science courses meet once a week for a longer period of time, and are an additional 1 credit.

  • University Core requirements are a set of courses that all students at the University of Portland must complete.
  • Engineering Core & Major requirements are the courses you need to complete for your specific Engineering major.
  • Elective courses are any courses you take that do not fulfill any of your Core or Engineering Major requirements.

First Year Workshop: All freshman students are also registered for First Year Workshop (on your schedule, you will see that you are registered for a course numbered EGR 001).This is your First Year Workshop class.

School of Engineering Contact Information

Phone: 503.943.7292


Jamie Merritt, Program Counselor

What should I do if I want to major in Engineering, but was not accepted into the School of Engineering?

If you were not accepted into the School of Engineering upon admission to UP, you may complete a set of pre-requisite courses and apply to transfer in to the School of Engineering.

School of Engineering Transfer Requirements