New Students: Changing or Declaring Majors

Prior to September 2

Prior to the school year beginning, and during the first week of classes, all major changes are processed through admissions. Email admissions from your UP email address at to request that your major be changed before this date.

If you are changing schools (for example, Engineering to Business), keep in mind that your Program Counselor and class schedule will change as well. Once your major is officially changed by admissions, your Program Counselor in your new school will reach out to you regarding your schedule.

The process for changing your major is the same if you are currently Undeclared and would like to declare a major, or have a major and would like to change to Undeclared.

Starting September 2

After the academic school year begins, you can request a major change online through your Pilots Portal.

How do I add a second major or add a minor?

If you want to add a second major or add a minor, you will need to wait until the second week of classes. You will be able to do this through your Pilots Portal.

In the meantime, communicate to your Program Counselor about your other interests, so that they may take that into consideration when building your fall semester schedule.

What if I did not get in to the major that I wanted?

Some majors have admission based on high school grades and/or test scores. In these cases, your major will default to undeclared.


For now, make sure to indicate an interest in majoring in Business during your phone interview. BUS 100 will be reserved for majors only until the end of summer, when available space may open up. It is recommended that if you are interested in Business, you take ECN 120 and MTH 161 during your first semester. Both will count for university core requirements should you ultimately choose a different major.


This year's School of Nursing cohort is at capacity, and will not be accepting any internal transfers into the Nursing major. If you have questions, please contact the School of Nursing.


If you were not accepted into the School of Engineering upon admission to UP, you may complete a set of pre-requisite courses and apply to transfer in to the School of Engineering. Make sure to indicate an interest in Engineering in during your phone interview.

School of Engineering Transfer Requirements


Communicate in your advising survey and your phone interview what your intended major will be, and they will register you for the appropriate courses so that you are still on track to study the major you want. After fall semester grades are posted, you may request a curriculum change to your intended major.