Registration Process for New Students in the Pamplin School of Business | University of Portland

Registration Process for New Students in the Pamplin School of Business

For your first term at the University of Portland, all students in the Pamplin School of Business will be registered by the School of Business.

Registration Timeline

Send IP, AB, and College Transcripts to UP: Send your scores and transcripts to UP by November 1st. View instructions on transferring AP, IB, and college credit to UP.

November 1st

Take Math & Language Placement Exams: Visit the Placement Tests page to find out if you need to take math and/or language placement exams.

As soon as possible.

Program Counselors Build Schedule: Your schedule will be built by School of Business Program Counselors, based on program requirements and any credits you've already completed.

Program Counselors will contact you about your schedule

Classes Begin

January 17th

First Week of Classes: Changes can be made to your schedule during this week. The deadline to add or drop classes from your schedule is the Friday of the first week of the semester.

January 17th - 20th

Class Schedules

Classes are offered one, two, three, and sometimes four times a week. Schedules are made up of a combination of University Core requirements, College requirements, Major requirements, and Elective courses.

  • University Core requirements are a set of courses that all students at the University of Portland must complete.
  • Pamplin School of Business requirements are foundational courses that all students in the School of Business must complete, regardless of specific major.
  • Major requirements are the courses you need to complete for your specific major.
  • Elective courses are any courses you take that do not fulfill any of your Core, College, or Major requirements.

Pamplin School of Business Contact Information

Christian Parker - Program Counselor (External Transfer Students)

Allie Breiling - Program Counselor (First-Year Students)

School of Business Phone: 503.943.7224