Registration Process for New Students in the College of Arts & Sciences

For your first term at the University of Portland, all students in the College of Arts & Sciences will be registered by a College of Arts & Sciences Program Counselor.

Registration Timeline

Send IP, AB, and College Transcripts to UP: Scores and transcripts must be sent to UP by November 1st. View instructions on transferring AP, IB, and college credit to UP.

November 1st

Take Math & Language Placement Exams: Visit the Placement Tests webpage to find out if you need to take math and/or language placement exams.

As soon as possible.

Schedule Advising Appointment: Contact CAS to schedule a phone or in-person advising appointment. Appointments begin November 18th but feel free to call in advance to get scheduled.

Transfer students: Request Aimee Davidse

Undeclared students: Request Sarah Hill

Pre-Health students: Request Becca Henley

Starting November 18th

Classes Begin

January 17th

First Week of Classes: Changes can be made to your schedule during this week. The deadline to add or drop classes from your schedule is the Friday of the first week of the semester.

January 17th - 20th

Typical First Semester Class Schedule

Students will be registered for 15-17 credits consisting of classes that satisfy university core requirements as well as classes for their major. Science students will be enrolled in at least one science course with a corresponding lab. Classes are offered one, two, three, and sometimes four times a week. Labs for science courses meet once a week for a longer period of time.

Schedules are made up of a combination of University Core requirements, College requirements, Major requirements, and Elective courses.

  • University Core requirements are a set of courses that all students at the University of Portland must complete.
  • College of Arts & Sciences requirements are courses that all students in the College of Arts & Sciences must complete, regardless of specific major.
  • Major requirements are the courses you need to complete for your specific major.
  • Elective courses are any courses you take that do not fulfill any of your Core, College, or Major requirements.

Are you Pre-Health? Check out Pre-Health Information for New Students.

What if I didn't get into the major that I wanted?

Some majors, (particularly sciences), have admission based upon high school grades and/or test scores. Communicate in to your Program Counselor what your intended major will be, and they will register you for the appropriate courses so that you are still on track to study the major you want.

College of Arts & Sciences Contact Information:

Declared Students:

CAS Phone: 503.943.7221


Aimee Davidse, Academic Program Counselor

Becca Henley, Academic Program Counselor

Sarah Hill, Academic Program Counselor

Undeclared Students:

CAS Phone: 503.943.7221


Aimee Davidse, Academic Program Counselor

External Transfer Students:

CAS Phone: 503.943.7221


Aimee Davidse, Academic Program Counselor