Residence Life Information for New Students | University of Portland

Residence Life Information for New Students

Applying for Housing 

The housing application is available to all new students who have confirmed enrollment at the University of Portland. Students receive login information for the student portal and the housing application from the Office of Admissions shortly after they confirm their enrollment. For further information about Students having difficulty logging into PilotsUP can contact the Office of Admissions at 888-627-5601.

Priority deadline for housing: November 15

Complete the online housing application by November 15 for your housing and roommate preferences to be taken into consideration when making your housing assignment. Availability is dependent on where there are vacancies for the spring semester, so not all halls will have space available. Roommates will be matched based on questions answered on the housing application; students may also request a specific roommate by name.

Need housing accommodations? Contact Accessible Education Services

Housing accommodations are available based on disability-related needs. Please complete the AES Accommodation Request Process by October 1 (preceding entry to UP). Housing accommodations may include needing to bring an emotional support animal to campus, needing to have a maximum of one roommate, or needing access to a private bathroom. For further information about available housing accommodations and timelines, please consult the Housing Accommodations webpage on the Accessible Education Services website

What should I bring? How big are the mattresses? When can I move in?

Find answers to these questions and more on Residence Life’s FAQ page!

For detailed information on residence halls, dates and deadlines, contact information, and dining plans, see the

Residence Life main page.

A Note from Residence Life

Residence halls at the University of Portland offer our students an amazing opportunity to succeed. Students have told us that they love living on campus because our halls provide them a place to live that promotes the values that their parents instilled in them. In other words, our halls help them to feel “at home.” Through the care of our professional and pastoral hall staff, we take the time to get to know you by name. This is one of the things you will come to recognize among our signature characteristics. As a community founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, our staff will walk with students through their time on campus, and the residence hall will prove to be your home away from home, a great venue for learning, formation, and leadership. Welcome to the Bluff!

Starting August 31, incoming spring students are able to apply for housing online. The priority period for Residence Life Housing Applications is August 31 to November 15. Students are welcome to apply for housing after November 15; however, please note that applications received after November 15 will be outside the priority period and housing options will be extremely limited. If you are under the age of 18, the housing application will contain a portion for your parent’s electronic signature as a co-signer.

We base our assignments on a couple of pieces of information. One is the lifestyle questionnaire you filled out with their application. We do our best to match roommates based on how you filled out that information. We also take a look at your top choices for residence halls. Please note that completing the housing application by the priority deadline doesn't guarantee a student their top choice of residence hall. Where we assign students for spring depends on which halls have vacancies after the fall semester, the order in which each student ranks the halls, and where the best roommate matches are possible. Each of our halls is unique and a wonderful place to live. Know that even if you don’t get your top choice, the community you are assigned has great things to offer. We find that a student’s attitude makes a much bigger difference in how satisfied they are with their housing situation than the specific hall to which they’re assigned.

Hall assignments, complete with room and roommate information, will be emailed to the students’ UP email addresses by mid-December. When that time comes, we encourage you to call and email your roommate(s) to begin the process of getting to know them better. We also encourage you to resist the urge to “get to know them” by looking them up on Facebook. Although Facebook and other social media can give you some interesting information, you can learn a lot more through personal interaction – so reach out to your new roommates personally!