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Spring New Student Registration

All new students (first-year and transfer students) are registered for classes for their first term by a program counselor in their major school or college. Students are registered for courses that satisfy university core requirements, college requirements, and major requirements. Therefore, everyone's schedules will look different depending on their major.

Registration To-Do List and Deadlines

Send IP, AB, and College Transcripts to UP: Send your scores and transcripts to UP by November 1st. View instructions on transferring AP, IB, and college credit to UP.

November 1

Take Math & Language Placement Exams: Visit the Placement Tests webpage to find out if you need to take math and/or language placement exams.

As soon as possible.

View Your Class ScheduleYou will be contacted once your schedule is built by your program counselor. Contact your program counselor if you have questions or would like to make changes.

December - January 

Order your TextbooksWe recommend waiting until your schedule is completely finalized to buy your books.

December - January

Classes Begin

January 17

First Week of Classes: Changes can be made to your schedule during this week. The deadline to add or drop classes from your schedule is the Friday of the first week of the semester.

January 17-20

 Registration Process by School/College

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Placement Tests

Think you may need to take the Math and/or Language placement test? Find out if you do and how.


Placement Tests

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AP and IB Scores and College Credit

Are you bringing Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or College credit to UP?


AP and IB Scores and College Credit

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Purchasing Textbooks

Information on how to purchase textbooks for your first term of classes at UP.


Purchasing Textbooks