Textbooks | University of Portland


You will need to buy textbooks for some or all of your courses. To find out more about how to apply your financial aid to pay for your textbooks, please visit the webpage on bookstore advances. There are a few different ways you can find out whether you have required texts for your classes. One way you can view the required textbooks for the courses you are registered for is by following the steps below.

Required Textbooks based on Class Schedule

  1. Log in to Self-Serve using your UP credentials.
  2. Click on "Student"
  3. Then select "Registration"
  4. Then "Check Textbook Prices". This will take you to the UP Bookstore website and display a list of the textbooks for the courses for which you are currently registered.

Alternatively, you can check textbook prices for individual courses using the search function on the UP Bookstore Website.

Purchasing Textbooks Outside of the Bookstore

If you choose to purchase textbooks from somewhere other than the bookstore (such as Chegg or Amazon), pay careful attention to:

  1. The ISBN number of the book (you can find the ISBN-13 code for your textbooks using the search function on the UP Bookstore's website)
  2. The edition of the book
  3. Whether or not you will need an "access code" to use the online features of a textbook. If you do need one, but you purchased a used textbook, these are typically no longer valid.

Course Packs

Some courses require course packs in addition to or in place of textbooks. A course pack is a compilation of course materials that are printed and bound. These are available throughout the year from Printing & Mailing Services. Your professor will indicate via email or the syllabus if a course pack is needed.