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You will likely need to buy textbooks for some or all of your courses. You can view the textbooks for the courses you are registered for by following these steps:

Log into Self-Serve. Click on "Student", then "Registration", then "Check Textbook Prices". This will take you to the UP Bookstore website and display the textbooks for your courses.

You can also check textbook prices for individual courses on the UP Bookstore Website.

If you purchase textbooks from somewhere outside of the bookstore, pay careful attention to:

  1. The ISBN number of the book (this is displayed in either of the searches above)
  2. The edition of the book
  3. Whether or not you will need an "access code" to use online features of a textbook. If you do, and you purchase a used textbook, these will often not work anymore.

Course Packs: Some courses require course packs in addition to or rather than textbooks. A course pack is a compilation of course materials that is printed and bound. These are available throughout the year from Printing & Mailing Services, located in Tyson Hall on the corner of Monteith and Warren Streets. Your professor will indicate via email or the syllabus if a course pack is needed.