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FGEN Parent and Family Information

Tips for Parents/Family Members of First-Generation Students
  • Join us for Orientation before the academic year begins. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what the University of Portland has to offer your student. Parent and family support will be essential to the academic success of your college student. For more information visit please look over our Orientation page.
  • Learn about the college process and what to expect – by learning about campus resources you will be able to become more familiar with what your student is experiencing. Please visit the “Student Resources” tab for more information about campus resources.
  • Remember that pursuing higher education does not mean that students will lose the values they were raised with. Colleges, and especially UP, aim to help students continue their development as a whole and intends to send ethical and intelligent students out into our society. 
  • In order for your student to adequately adapt to college life we suggest that students stay on campus and not visit home for the first few weeks of college. This will help your student get to know their peers and get involved with activities and opportunities UP offers to its students. Also, we hope you understand that it is likely your student will not be able to come home every weekend, even after their first initial weeks at UP. Similarly, if your student is living at home, they may not have the same amount of time to devote to family responsibilities as they did prior to their college career. Now that your student is in college they will need to revamp their study schedule. In high school they were in class for about 30 hours a week while studying 10 to 15 hours outside of class. Now they are in class 15 to 18 hours a week. In order to be on top of their academics, they should be studying, meeting with professors, and working with classmates an additional 20 to 25 hours minimum outside of class.
  • Be patient with yourselves and one another, especially since this is a learning experience for everyone (both you and your student) – you will all be learning about this transition process together!

Finally, know that we value your partnership in this process, and want to make your child's experience here at UP rewarding and special.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Matt Daily, first generation program manager, at 503.943.7895, or email