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Leadership Opportunities

Are you passionate about being the first in your family to attend college, and want to help others?  There are plenty of ways that you can connect within our FGEN community here on the Bluff!

  • Become a FGEN Student Ambassador.  Each year, the SARC seeks to recruit and hire First Generation (FGEN) Student Ambassadors to work with the Assistant Director to lead and coordinate targeted programming opportunities for FGEN students.  In addition, this position offers a peer mentorship component to freshmen students, creating a new opportunity for FGEN freshmen to connect to FGEN upper class students. More information can be seen here for the complete position description.


    FGEN Ambassadors17_2

                          2017-18 UP FGEN Student Ambassadors


  • Attend FGEN events throughout the school year.  Each year we offer a diverse schedule of programming and events to specifically help and support FGEN students.  Events are publicized throughout the year, or feel free to visit our events section to learn more about what is offered here at UP.
FirstUP 1
               Courtney Campbell, Program Manager, SARC and former FGEN student


Dr. Simon Aihiokhai, Assistant Professor, Theology and former FGEN student

  • Volunteer to help or assist, or share your idea with us. Reach out to us directly, we would love to have you become an active member of the FGEN community here at UP.  Contact us at

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