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Choosing a Major

Many people feel pressure to choose a major and plan a career path before they ever get to college. But if you're not sure what you want to study or what field you want to work in after graduation, don't worry! You have plenty of time to choose a major (and a lot of your friends who have already selected one will probably change their minds at least once before they graduate).

If you haven't chosen a major yet, or if you're thinking about choosing a different one, these tips can help you in the selection process:

  • Take a course in a subject that is a potential major.
  • Meet with a faculty member in a potential major area.
  • Talk with upper-class students majoring in an area of interest.
  • Learn about what careers different majors lead to.
  • Use the Career Center for more information and guidance.
  • Take core courses. (Each student is required to take 13 three-hour courses in the arts and sciences, plus 6 hours in two elective courses outside the major area. With rare exceptions, these requirements are the same across schools and majors).

Ready to declare a major?

If you are declaring a major within the College of Arts and Sciences, you can declare online in PilotsUP. Simply log into PilotsUP, select the Registrar’s Page, and then select “Curriculum Change.” If you are wanting to declare a major in the School of Business, School of Education, or School of Engineering, you will need to meet with that school’s program counselor to complete the “Transfer within the University” paperwork. Confused where to start? Email Katie Richardson at