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Finding Your Advisor

Some of the most important people during your years at the University of Portland will be your program counselor and academic advisor.

Students at the University of Portland are advised by the program counselor for their school or college for their first three semesters - you will be assigned a faculty academic advisor during the Spring of your Sophomore year.

Your faculty academic advisor, normally a professor in your major area, might help you select which courses to take each semester, and they will approve your proposed class schedule before you can register each term. Getting to know your advisor is important: they can offer you advice about careers or graduate school, help you find internships, help you make sure you are meeting the requirements for graduation, and potentially write letters of recommendation for you down the road.

If you're not sure who your advisor is, you can look this up in your Pilots Portal. Not sure where to find this information in the Portal? Give the Shepard Center a call at 503.943.7895 or stop by BC 101. Undeclared students work with Katie Richardson, Program Counselor for the College of Arts & Sciences for advising.