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Academic Peer Mentor Program

Apply for an Academic Peer Mentor Position

Applications for Spring 2018 Peer Mentors will go live October 9th on the Student Job Board

The mission of the Academic Peer Mentor program is to provide one on one peer support and accountability in the spring semester to help first year students on University academic probation and others interested in the program to increase their academic confidence, strengthen academic skills, and enhance their academic performance. Through open, honest, and personalized peer relationships, the worries, challenges, and needs of the first year student can be expressed with upper-class students in their college. The mentor will help the mentee identify goals, clarify motivation, and develop action plans to achieve goals.

Goals for Mentees

First year students in the program will

  • increase their academic confidence
  • understand the value of the community in the learning process
  • understand academic regulations and requirements
  • utilize university resources to achieve academic success
  • set and achieve academic goals
  • learn skills that can be applied to achieve academic success in the future
  • earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or above

Goals for Mentors

Peer mentors will

  • create a trusting, non-judgmental, and open environment
  • make ongoing efforts to build an honest and professional relationship
  • help the mentee determine their goals and define success
  • share resources, guidance, and advice to help the mentee achieve their goals
  • understand and share academic regulations and requirements


Students can email the Shepard Academic Resource Center to find a mentor. Over 80 percent of students on academic probation who meet weekly with a mentor successfully complete their semester and are removed from academic probation. The policy for probation and dismissal due to poor scholarship is explained in the University Bulletin.