Books by UP Alumni

photo of two students in front of Powell's Bookstore in Portland

Have some time during Spring Break? Here's a list of 10 UP alumni authors to check out!

Kunal Nayyer – Yes, My Accent is Real

Best known as Raj from “The Big Bang Theory,” Kunal Nayyer released a collection of autobiographical essays in 2015, detailing important points in his life, including his college years at the University of Portland.

Jean M. Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear

Arguably UP’s most famous author and creator of the Earth’s Children series, Jean Auel’s legacy starts with The Clan of the Cave Bear, the story of Ayla, a young girl learning to survive in prehistoric times. 

Jules Boykoff – Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics

After playing soccer for the Portland Pilots, indoor soccer in both Portland and Milwaukee and eventually the United States men’s under-23 team, Jules Boykoff transitioned his career to analyze the politics behind the Olympic Games.  

Lilah Hegnauer – Dark Under Kiganda Stars

Completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Portland, Lilah Hegnauer went on to teach online creative writing workshops and publish several books of poetry, including Dark Under Kiganda Stars.

Robert B. Pamplin Jr. – Heritage: The Making of an American Family

Founder of the Pamplin School of Business and Pamplin Media, Robert B. Pamplin Jr. remains a cornerstone in UP’s history, along with authoring over 36 books and comic books.

Brittney Ryan – The Legend of Holly Claus

Filled with Christmas cheer, The Legend of Holly Claus tells the story of Holly Claus, Santa’s daughter and her journey to a Victorian New York, written by UP grad Brittney Ryan.

Bonnie Mann – Sovereign Masculinity: Gender Lessons from the War on Terror

Currently teaching feminist philosophy at the University of Oregon, Bonnie Mann has written books, Op-Eds in the New York Times and articles about gender in today’s culture.

Megan Rapinoe – Untitled Book (Out Fall 2020)

Soccer player and famous UP grad Megan Rapinoe is reportedly releasing a new book, telling anecdotes from her life and discussing social justice issues. It’s releasing sometime in Fall 2020 and we’re excited to read it!

Bernadette J. Brooten – Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue

Studying theology at four different universities (including UP) and is the founder of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project at Brandeis, Bernadette Brooten’s Women Leaders in the Ancient Synagogue looks at the role women played in ancient religious cultures.

Father Pat Hannon, C.S.C. – Sacrament

Alumni, pastoral resident for Christie Hall and a professor in the English department, Father Pat Hannon C.S.C. authors several personal essays, each relating back to a Catholic holy sacrament, in his book Sacrament.