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Tuition & Fees

2022-2023 Charges per Semester


Undergraduate Tuition

Full-time (12 or more credit hours) $25,676.00
Part-time (1 to 11 credit hours, per credit hour) $1,608.00

Graduate Tuition (per credit hour)

College of Arts & Sciences
Communication Studies $1,378.00
School of Engineering
Master of Engineering $1,378.00
Master of Biomedical Engineering $1,378.00
School of Education
Master of Arts in Teaching $1,034.00
Educational Specialist $845.00
Doctor of Education $845.00
Master of Education $689.00
Master of Arts in Education $689.00
Education Post Baccalaureate Certificate $689.00
Education Post Master Certificate $689.00
School of Business
Master of Business Administration $1,428.00
Master of Science in Finance $1,428.00
Operations & Technology Management $1,428.00
MBA in Nonprofit Management $714.00
School of Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,378.00
Auditor - 50% of tuition if registered within the first two weeks of a semester, 100% of course fees
Non-matriculated students pay tuition and fees based upon registration level.
A student who holds a degree from an accredited college or university is considered to be a graduate student for fee purposes.
*For foreign programs contact the program director

Professional Tuition Fees

Business, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering and Nursing courses (per credit hour) $75.00
Education $50.00

**Graduate Education courses are exempt from professional fees unless otherwise noted under course descriptions

Additional Fees for Full-time Undergraduates

Student Activities Fee $130.00
Health and Counseling Fee $100.00
Health Insurance (unless waived before the deadline) $1,603.00
Private Music Lessons $400.00/Credit
Laboratory/Workshop Fees See course descriptions

Summer Session

Consult Summer Session Catalog for tuition schedule and fees

Room and Meal Plans - All Residence Halls


Double or Triple Room with
Meal Plan 1 $7,334.00
Meal Plan 2 $7,494.00
Meal Plan 3 $7,676.00
Meal Plan 4 $7,882.00
Meal Plan 5 $8,586.00
Single Room or Triple Room at Double Occupancy with
Meal Plan 1 $8,154.00
Meal Plan 2 $8,314.00
Meal Plan 3 $8,496.00
Meal Plan 4 $8,702.00
Meal Plan 5 $9,406.00
Double Room at Single Occupancy with
Meal Plan 1 $8,860.00
Meal Plan 2 $9,020.00
Meal Plan 3 $9,202.00
Meal Plan 4 $9,408.00
Meal Plan 5


Residence Hall Damage Deposit $100.00
Residence Hall Amenities Charge
Amenities Fee $205.00
Meal Plan Amounts per Semester
Meal Plan 1 - $1,916.00 1,916 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 2 - $2,079.00 2,079 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 3 - $2,261.00 2,261 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 4 - $2,467.00 2,467 Pilot Points
Meal Plan 5 - $3,171.00 3,171 Pilot Points

Pilot Points - may be added to a student’s account at any time throughout the year at the food service office in the Commons. Students are limited to adding $200.00 at a time.

For more specific Room and Board information please go to Residence Life or contact them at 503.943.7205 or

More information regarding class fees and schedules is also available in the University Bulletin.