Volunteer Stipends for Students

Payment to a student as a volunter or intern, not for work performed

Students who are involved in a volunteer or internship-like experience can receive stipend payments to help defray the reasonable costs of expenses incurred for the duration of the position. 

These positions must first be approved by the Human Resources office before payment can be promised to a student. A Student Volunteer Stipend Application can be found here. Once approved, the student can begin the stipend position. Payments will be made through Accounts Payable around the 15th of each month for the duration of the experience. Students will not see these payments on a payroll check. The funds may be considered taxable to the recipient but are not reported as taxable income by the University on a Form W2.


These positions must meet the following criteria:

  • The position is strictly for the student’s benefit of achieving an experience closely tied to the student’s educational degree or taking part in a student-driven experience.
  • The University receives no direct advantage from the student’s activities; on occasion University operations may actually be impeded.
  • The student does not displace a regular employee. There is no employee-employer relationship; rather the student engages in the experience under the guidance of a staff or faculty member. 
  • Payment must not be contingent upon quality or quantity of participation but given as assistance to defray the reasonable costs of expenses the student incurs during the volunteer or internship-like position.
  • The University and the student understands that the student is not entitled to wages for the time spent in the experience.

Student Elgibility 

To be eligible for a student stipend position, a student must be admitted to a University of Portland degree or certificate program and registered at least half time (6 credits for undergraduates; 5 credit hours for graduates). The only exception to this enrollment requirement is during the summer, in which case the student must be pre-registered for at least 6 undergraduate credit hours or 5 graduate credit hours for the following fall semester

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