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Study Abroad Staff

Eduardo Contreras Jr., EdD - Director of Studies Abroad

Dr. Contreras has over 15 years of extensive professional and academic experience in public and private U.S. postsecondary education, and has worked in a university residence hall, area studies center, academic department, minority student resource center, an international office, and a study abroad office. He also written and presented extensively on various aspects of international education and overseas study. Additionally, he has several years of teaching experience as a member of several teaching teams at Harvard, and in a course he designed on the internationalization of U.S. higher education. 

Amy Wruck, MSEd - Studies Abroad Admin Assistant

Amy was born and raised in Illinois before completing her MSEd in Higher Education at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Her graduate studies focused on international higher education leadership with areas of interest including study abroad best practices, international student development, and the internationalization of higher education. Through her graduate assistantship in recreation & wellness, Amy also developed a love for student affairs and development, cross-campus collaboration, and the power of play. Amy loves being a part of the University of Portland community and is excited to help UP students get the most out of their time abroad.

Student Coordinators

Ricky Adams - Program Coordinator for Granada, Spain

Reis Haitsuka - Program Coordinator for Fremantle, Australia

Brenna Chapman - Program Coordinator for Galway, Ireland & London Semester

James Henderson - Program Coordinator for Quito, Ecuador

  • Major: Political Science and Spanish
  • Where James studied abroad: Segovia (He has also traveled to Dublin, Rome, and Tijuana, Mexico.)
  • Advice for students going abroad: "My piece of advice would be don't buy anything of the street from anyone in Rome (or anywhere really). Like souvenirs or tours." 

Sophia Larrabee - Program Coordinator

Hayley Lemens - Program Coordinator for Salzburg, Austria - Summer Sessions I & II

  • Major: Business (with a German minor)
  • Where Hayley studied abroad: "I studied in Salzburg, Austria for the 2015-16 school year and travelled to seventeen countries during that time. I've been to a total of eighteen European countries as well as Morocco in Africa."
  • Advice for students going abroad: "Wherever you go, go to events in the city you're studying in and talk to the locals. I ran into people that I met at such events (in Salzburg) in a completely different country, and had a fun conversation using charades in Italy with a woman who only spoke Italian. These are memories that I will never forget!"

Sarah McClurkin - Program Coordinator for London Summer Sessions

  • Major: Accounting
  • Where Sarah studied abroad: "London Summer 2016 and have lived in Oman and Poland (have also been to Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Greece)"
  • Advice for students going abroad: "Don't let the lure of "down time" get to you. Go out and explore even if it is just going to a new coffee shop."

Jonathan Simpson - Program Coordinator for Salzburg, Austria - Semester & Yearlong

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering (with a Math minor)
  • Where Jonathan studied abroad: Salzburg Spring 2016
  • Advice for students going abroad: "Get out on the weekends and travel as mush as possible, even if you think you might be too busy. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people, so it's best to make the most of your time and not waste it being a homebody too often."

Kaitlin Yap - Program Coordinator for Granada, Spain

Lauren Young - Program Coordinator for Salzburg, Austria - Semester & Yearlong

  • Major: Biochemistry (with a minor in German)
  • Where Lauren studied abroad: "I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, during my sophomore year (2015-2016).
    During high school I lived in Hong Kong and have traveled around most of Asia."
  • Advice for students going abroad: "While studying abroad, keep an open mind and embrace the culture and their traditions. Some the most unique cultural traditions will become your favorite memories."