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Ruby Beauchamp student profile
Ruby Beauchamp - Class of 2020
Organizational Communication and Spanish Major, Sustainability minor.
During junior and senior year, Ruby lived off-campus in a tiny house, exploring sustainable ways of living. She also served on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability.
Mike Rewers student profile

Mike Rewers - Class of 2021
Finance major, Sustainability minor
While serving as ASUP senator, Mike made Sustainability and Social Responsibility an official committee and served as the first committee chair.

Marie Jobes student profile
Marie Jobes - Class of 2018
Organizational Communication major
As a member of the College Ecology Club, Marie founded Fixit UP, the first ever Repair Cafe held on campus to combat waste and educate students about planned obsolescence.
Grant Ainsworth student profile
Grant Ainsworth - Class of 2019
Economics Major
While attending UP, Grant launched his own clothing company called Branding Threads, putting corporate social responsibility into practice.
Ryan Hunter-Bliss student profile
Ryan Hunter-Bliss - Class of 2022
Computer Science Major
Fueled by curiosity for Tesla cars, Ryan made a documentary to answer his own and other folk's questions about electric vehicles.



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