Title IX Team

The Title IX team, led by the Title IX coordinators, coordinates the review, investigation and resolution of all Title IX reports submitted to the University.

Contact the Title IX Team

You may make a report to the Title IX Team online, by email, by phone or in person.

Phone: 800.745.3261 or 503.943.8982

Email: titleix@up.edu

Online reporting tool

If there is imminent risk of harm please call Campus Safety at 503.943.4444 or 911.

Meg Farra

Meg Farra
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Meg joins the University of Portland Title IX team as the deputy Title IX coordinator for students, after working at the University in two other capacities since late 2013. Meg’s background includes a master of social work degree from Portland State University. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, Meg’s undergraduate concentration in social justice guided Meg to Portland as a volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Throughout her professional career, Meg’s work included working with marginalizes and vulnerable populations, including individuals impacted by domestic and relationship violence. Meg’s role with the Title IX team is to provide information about Title IX policies and processes and on-campus and off-campus resources. Meg also will help facilitate informal resolution processes and coordinate accommodations related to Title IX matters.

Sandy Chung

Sandy Chung
Title IX Coordinator for Compliance
Vice President for Human Resources

Sandy joined the University of Portland community in 2015. Before UP, she was the director of human resources and Title IX coordinator at Santa Monica College and the director of employee relations at Stanford University. A native of Portland and a graduate of Sunset High School, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School, Sandy practiced law (intellectual property, employment litigation, and pro bono litigation) before joining higher education. Sandy’s pro bono cases involved a wide range of important social issues, including human trafficking, unrepresented minors in immigration proceedings, domestic violence, and elder abuse. Sandy’s role with the Title IX team is to provide leadership to ensure that Title IX policies and processes are effective, compliant with the law, and consistent with the University’s values. Sandy also will oversee Title IX investigations and will at times conduct investigations.

Matt Rygg

Matthew Rygg
Title IX Coordinator for Education
Associate Vice President for Student Development

Matt’s role on the Title IX team is to coordinate the education and outreach efforts for students, staff, faculty, and administration on campus. As the associate vice president for student development, Matt supervises the Office of Residence Life and the Health and Counseling Center which are two key areas in educating and supporting students about interpersonal violence.  As a leader working with the departments in student affairs, Matt  will encourage collaboration and innovation with other departments and student organizations as it relates to gender-based harassment, misconduct, and violence.

Matt has served in various capacities in Title IX at two institutions. He served as deputy Title IX coordinator for students and interim Title IX coordinator at Clark College, and he served as deputy Title IX coordinator for students at the University of Portland.

He said, “we spend a lot of time talking about what gender-based violence is and what to do if you or someone you know is impacted. That is vitally important and we need to continue raising awareness about these important issues. In order to change the narrative and address the causes we must dig deeper and examine why these issues exist in the first place. I’m interested in looking at issues of power, privilege, and oppression as it relates to gender equity and issues of sexual and gender-based harassment, misconduct, and violence. These conversations are not easy, but we must go there together.”

Sara Meiser

Sarah Meiser 
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Compliance 

Sarah Meiser serves as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Compliance in the University of Portland's Human Resources Department. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that the University’s Title IX policies and processes are effective, compliant with the law, and consistent with University values. She is excited to transition her experience working with college students into helping the Title IX team and others maintain a safe and positive environment for all. Having been with the University of Portland since 2015, Sarah previously held the positions of Associate Director for Housing and Associate Director for Community Standards. Prior to her time at the University of Portland, she taught high school science and was live-in residence life staff on college campuses in Minnesota, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Sarah is originally from the Denver area. She, her husband, and two young children love exploring the Portland area with their dog Ed.

Shannon Meyer

Shannon Mayer
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty
Professor of Physics

Shannon joined the University of Portland as an associate professor of physics in 2002. Before UP, she served on the faculty of Pacific Lutheran University and as an adjunct faculty member at Bucknell University. Shannon is a native of Seattle and a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University (BS) and Oregon State University (PhD). She currently serves as professor and chair of the Department of Physics and is one of the deputy Title IX coordinators for faculty. In this role she will support Title IX as related to faculty.

Megan Cohara

Megan Cohara  (Confidential Resource)
Wellness Educator & Prevention Program Coordinator 

Megan works in collaboration with the Title IX team and the Health and Counseling Center to provide wellness programs and prevention education initiatives related to interpersonal violence, bystander intervention, mental health, and alcohol and substances. Megan’s goal to help promote overall well-being and success in our community by working to create a healthy and safe environment for our students and staff here on The Bluff. 

To get involved or request more information, please contact Megan Cohara at 503.943.7134 or coharam@up.edu

Emma Ahern

Emma Ahern
Title IX and Human Resources Generalist 

Emma joins the University of Portland Title IX team as a Human Resources and Title IX Generalist. In this role, Emma is responsible for the facilitation and creation of effective Title IX programming and education. Originally from the Monterey Bay Area, Emma is a recent graduate of Willamette University, where she majored in Politics and Art History. While at Willamette, Emma served as an advocate and Vice-President in SARA (The Sexual Assault Response Allies), a peer-run advocacy and support program for victims of sexual violence. Emma is focused on empathetically supporting folks affected by sexual violence and on addressing the societal causes of sexual violence through education and communication.


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